January 2011

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 30 January 2011 | 12:47 EST
Sandwatch Guides: First of 2011 Clone Wars
We have another basic figure update to add to our Sandtwatch Guides, only this time we get four new figures from the Clone Wars. Our commanderphenix alerted this wave to us months ago, but check out the new entries of Obi-Wan Kenobi, Clone Trooper Hevy in Training Gear, Cad Bane with TODO 360 and Ahsoka Tano finally gets her Astromech Droid in the form of R7-A7! Click below for the official guide entry, United We Find!

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 30 January 2011 | 4:47 EST
Dewback Patrol: Kickin' off 2011 in the Big Easy
The Tour Kicks OFF!We get an early jump-start on our Dewback Patrol menu, as Walt "Phenix" Crowley will once again kick off the first event of the year for us. While it might not be a stop on the rotation of the Sandtroopers.com Battle Station just yet, the 2011 Wizard World Tour kicks off in New Orleans, Louisiana. There were several Star Wars guests on hand, including Daniel Logan, Ray Park and Billy Dee Williams. Check out the photos and summary from the day one activities and stay tuned for further coverage from the Big Easy. Thanks again to Walt for doing my "dirty jobs" for me, you rock!

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 29 January 2011 | 16:46 EST
Sandwatch Guides: Locked Down, Over and Out!
Another one bites the sand!We update our Sandwatch Guides with the latest exclusive Clone Wars figure, hitting retail Kmart stores unannounced in any previous Hasbro slideshow available last year. It wasn't too long ago the crew at Jedi Defender brought this figure to our attention, and last week commanderphoenix gave us an great loose photo gallery. We knew it wouldn't be long before Boba Binks picked it up in Indianapolis, now check out the Clone Captain Lock guide and decide for yourself if this is one worth the additional weight on the wallet. I wonder if we'll see more new product show in the weeks before Toy Fair? United We Find!

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 28 January 2011 | 23:29 EST
Sandwatch Guides: Time to Mix it UP!
The fifth wave of Vintage breaks away from the tradition of giving us several figures in a row from the same film. Hasbro also managed to address a couple of issues that snagged Yoda from an earlier release and they also "fixed" the photo with Jedi Luke (Endor Capture). They did include a bit of new that consists of: Clone Trooper (212th Battalion), Luke Skywalker (Death Star Escape), R5-D4, Stormtrooper, Han Solo (Yavin Ceremony), and Commander Gree! There is quite a bit to take in, so click below to check them all out. Thanks again to Boba Binks for laying down the cover fire!

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 28 January 2011 | 23:20 EST
This Just in from Brian's Toys:

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A great week of great stuff at Brian's Toys. Vintage collectors will be thrilled to pick up some of the AFA-Graded Lili Ledy & Glasslite vintage figures. They're quite rare and are going fast! The Ark of the Covenant has been recovered, but we have to admit we haven't opened it yet. The Sideshow Ark of the Covenant replica will make a great addition to almost anyone's collection. Plus, pick up the Sideshow 12" Hammerhead (Momaw Nadon). Finally, the Vintage-Style Wave 4 is on the horizon. Be sure to place a backorder so you won't miss out on the first shipment.

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 28 January 2011 | 22:46 EST
Sandtrooper Boba-Brett Reports: Still no Ride to Endor!
Should have made it to the last!"My son recently returned from his band trip to Disney world in Orlando and had a few surprise pictures for me. I thought I would share them with the troops. They are of the outside only since it wasn't open yet, but looks really awesome so far. The AT-AT is awesome and Ewok village is cool too, but don't forget the ride at Disney doesn't re-open until this May."

Posted by: The_Josh | 28 January 2011 | 15:22 EST
Sideshow Collectibles Clone Wars Captain Rex
On Tuesday of this trooper received what in my opinion is Sideshow Collectibles best Clone Trooper yet. Rex has a great paint job, sculpt, and weathering. Not to mention he comes with more extras than you can shake a stick at. The edition size of the Captain Rex exclusive is 750 and the extra is the stand but the main thing is to get this figure if you can. Take time to watch the review and after come chat us in the Captain Rex Thread.

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 27 January 2011 | 23:01 EST
Affiliate Update: It is your Destiny
The team at Sideshow gave us a sneak preview of the Premium Format Emperor Palpatine & Imperial Throne. There is not a doubt in my mind I will be picking this one up, as I've taken the last few figures off, but needless to say I think this is one we can all be looking forward to. Let's just hope the price tag isn't too ridiculous. For more check out Sideshow Collectibles for the

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 27 January 2011 | 16:15 EST
Sandwatch Guides: First Vintage of 2011!
The fourth wave of Vintage blew our minds at Celebration V last summer when we actually saw a wave that wasn't previously seen on a fan site. There are many significant upgrades in the Attack of the Clones wave that consists of: Kit Fisto, Zam Wesell, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, Padme Amidala, Jango Fett, Mace Windu, Senate Guard and the Super Battle Droid! We knocked your socks off a few months back with the first carded images, and by clicking the banner below you can see how Boba Binks has put together the entire wave for us to see.

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 26 January 2011 | 19:21 EST
Dewback Preview: Steel City Con March 2011!
The Steel City Con is very pleased to announce the biggest HOURLY PRIZE Give Away in our show's history. Every Hourly Prize Winner will receive an AFA GRADED ACTION FIGURE. You can enter for the Hourly Prize Drawing at the Show Entrance!

The graded AFA figure will be one of the following:
1. A Star Wars AFA graded action Figure or
2. A G.I. Joe AFA graded action Figure or
3. A Raiders of the Lost Ark AFA Action Figure

Thanks again to Jetts Toy Hutt for the awesome donation. For Steel City Con ticket and hotel information visit their website for the

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 26 January 2011 | 19:18 EST

Vintage Collection: We still have this assortment available in a set of 8 (Peasant Anakin, Peasant Padme, Senate Guard, Jango Fett, Super Battle Droid, Mace Windu, Zam Wessel and Kit Fisto), priced at $84.99. We also have singles remaining of a number of the figures as well as Darth Vader, General Grievous, Obi-Wan Kenobi and a Sandtrooper, priced at $9.99 - $11.99 each.

Boba Fett 1:1 Bust: This life-size bust of everyone's favorite bounty hunter measures 30" tall by 25" wide (and 10" deep) and includes a fabric cape and hand-painted armor. This piece is listed at $749.99, saving you $50 off of the MSRP.

Blackhole Stormtrooper 1/6th: This new figure is Sideshow's latest to be released solely through online retailers. This black-armored soldier comes with alternate hands, a thermal detonator, a blaster and a display base, and is listed at $89.99.

Nadon's Nook: This version of the Cantina environment includes a smooth-sided table and two brown chairs, and is perfect for recreating the scene where Han Solo is hired by Obi-Wan to take them to Alderaan. The Nook set is listed at $84.99, $5 off the MSRP.

Gentle Giant: This bust is taken from the Clone Wars show on Cartoon Network, and is set to arrive next month. We have it listed at $59.99, so grab yours before they're gone.

501st Legion 1:1 Bust: This bust wears the battle-weathered blue and white clone armor of the 501st Legion. It stands 26" tall by 27" wide, and is constructed from fiberglass, polystone, fabric and metal. This piece is listed at $569.99 ($30 below MSRP) and requires a $60 nonrefundable deposit at the time of ordering.

eFX Collectibles: eFX is producing a stunt replica version of Luke Skywalker's lightsaber from "Return of the Jedi". This version is used in filming and is cast in resin with metal and plastic details. This item is listed at $99.99, and also comes with a display stand.

Darth Vader USB Hub: This new version of the Darth Vader USB Hub has different sculpting than the original, and also makes Darth's breathing sounds every time something is plugged in. This piece is listed at $37.99.

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Posted by: Darth_Spice | 26 January 2011 | 19:03 EST
Mos Eisley News Brief: S.W.A.N. hosts Contest to win Rare Disney Figure!
Enter now Troopers!"On January 13, 2011 the newest action figure mash-up of Star Wars and Walt Disney, the Disney Star Wars Vinylmation figures, were released exclusively to shoppers at the Walt Disney parks. These are blind-packaged figures with chaser variants and even harder to find super-chaser variants. The Super-Chaser Obi-Wan figure has sold upwards of $300 on eBay, and autographed versions of this figure have sold for over $400. Now the iTunes top rated podcast Star Wars Action News is giving away one of these signed Super Chaser Spirit of Obi-Wan figures! The contest is open until February 4th, 2011, and the winner will be announced on the February 7th Star Wars Action News podcast! All details can be found on the latest podcast, at http://swactionnews.com where Star Wars Action News reporter Berent interviews Vinylmation artist Mike Sullivan and reviews several of these new, exciting Star Wars collectibles. All of this is available on Star Wars Action News Episode 280, which can be found at our web site or on iTunes."

Posted by: Boba Binks | 25 January 2011 | 14:32 EST
Area Report: New Role Play Product in Stores
What else is showing up?After watching the clip of the Republic Attack Ship below, I recall seeing the new foam dart blasters yesterday at Meijers here in Indianapolis, IN. I remember when these were part of a Sandtroopers.com sneak peek late last year, but the younglings can choose from two different sets Captain Rex or Cad Bane for only $9.99 each. I wonder what else that is being shown at Toy Fair will show up early?

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 25 January 2011 | 13:07 EST
Mos Eisley News Brief: U.K. Toy Fair Under Attack!
A video has been circulating on YouTube that features the new Republic Attack Shuttle from Hasbro. Click below for a small glimpse of what we'll see at Toy Fair next month, and thanks to Hungarian site csillagokhaboruja.com for the video!

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 23 January 2011 | 14:22 EST
Sandwatch Sneak Peek: A Special Sneak Peek!
Breaking down the new Captain!We have another set of new figures that many of us have been wanting to see out of the package. The Target exclusive Special Ops Clone Trooper & Geonosian Drone are no doubt welcome additions in any Clone Wars collection. We once again have an extra sneak peek courtesy of our good friend commanderphoenix. It's been many months since we uncovered these sets late last year, and I think this set in particular will be a fast mover from the pegs. For more, see the loose photos that include a little flavor from the AT-RT with Boil & Ki-Adi Mundi in the

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 23 January 2011 | 14:08 EST
Sandwatch Sneak Peek: Captain Lock Unlocked!
Breaking down the new Captain!Even though the new Kmart exclusive Clone Captain Lock is hitting retail stores as we speak, if you haven't had a chance to check out the new Trooper, you can get an extra sneak peek courtesy of our good friend commanderphoenix. We can't thank the commander enough for the super early Intel that he's been conducting with many of these new Clone Wars figures. He's got it all covered, so jump into the forums to see the front, back and side-to-side images and get the

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 21 January 2011 | 18:57 EST
This Just in from Brian's Toys:

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The Clone Wars Wave 9 figures are now here! The set includes Obi-Wan, Cad Bane, Hevy Clone Trooper, and R7-A7. First shipment had limited quantities, so order now so that you don't have to wait.

Vintage AFA Graded figures have made a come back, and collectors should browse the new selection of ESB, POTF and ROTJ figures. But nothing is a bigger collectible than the Life-Size 501st Clone Trooper Bust from Sideshow. Now available for pre-order. If there is on G.I. Joe collector dying to get their hands on a complete U.S.S. FLAG. Now is their chance as Brian's Toys has one in stock!

Posted by: Boba Binks | 21 January 2011 | 12:10 EST
Sandtrooper Spotlight: Yousah wants Boba Binks?
Just when you thought you had it all!What do you get someone who pretty much has bought all the Star Wars collectibles they wanted? How about your own custom action figure? By using only a few photographs that I sent in, a big thank you to Dave at SlayerDesignStudios for sculpting me or at least my head in 3 3/4-inch form. The detail is amazing right down to the scar on my head. The plan is to put my head on an action figure body of all the Star Wars costumes I have and that could be a project in itself. The images in the photo gallery are the raw head just placed on top of a Sandtrooper action figure. Some fun customizing work is to be had no doubt. And as an added bonus, you can soon purchase my head on their website. Please Troopers, no custom voodoo dolls of me! United We Find.

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 21 January 2011 | 10:47 EST
Mos Eisley News Brief: Clone Captain Lock in Stores?!?
The team at Yakface.com have reported the new Kmart Exclusive Clone Captain Lock is now available in stores, so you now have another reason to visit Kmart if you still have one in your area. For more check out their front page for photos to confirm in the

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 21 January 2011 | 9:20 EST
Mos Eisley News Brief: Happy Birthday to Dark Horse!
More Vader, and don't make him a puss this time!The team at Dark Horse is celebrating 25 years and to celebrate this momentous occasion, they have revamped their website with a brand new look. Also you can register to win a free copy of Star Wars: Darth Vader and the Lost Command #1. There is an awesome cover by Tsuneo Sanda Cover and who wouldn't want to read more about the events that haunted Darth Vader right after Revenge of the Sith? For more visit Dark Horse to register and get the

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 21 January 2011 | 9:11 EST
Sandtrooper Phenix Reports: More Buckets under Construction!
We have another small clip from TD 5491 as he begins work on not one, but two concept helmets that might be ready for Wizard World New Orleans next weekend. Click below for a look at the Stormtrooper and Boba Fett, and stay tuned for the final product! United We Find.

Posted by: The_Josh | 20 January 2011 | 19:24 EST
Sideshow Collectibles Weekly Update
Today in Sideshow Collectibles newsletter fans now have their chance to Pre-Order the 501st Clone that was previewed in the last week. This bust will come in with a price tag of $599.99 and have a NRD of $60 that will charge in the first 24-28 hours after order. The edition size as expected is TBD and is estimated to ship in Quarter 3. After you have ordered your bust come chat about it with us in the 501st Bust Thread.

501st Clone Trooper Life-Size Bust

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 20 January 2011 | 17:17 EST

Vintage Collection Series 6: We have received a number of cases of this wave, but we're now down to singles until more arrives. In the meanwhile, we've got stock of figures like Darth Vader, General Grievous, Obi-Wan Kenobi and the Sandtrooper, priced at $9.99 each.

Vintage Collection Series 1: Like the previous case, we received a portion of our shipment of these, and we're down to a few singles. We have Anakin Skywalker, Jedi Luke Skywalker and Yoda available as singles currently, priced at $9.99 each.

Funko: Funko has announced a new addition to their POP! line. The POP! Star Wars line is comprised of smaller scale bobbleheads on bases, and we have listings up now for Darth Vader, Yoda, Chewbacca, Han Solo, Princess Leia, Greedo and a Stormtrooper, and each is priced at $8.99.

Gentle Giant: Gentle Giant has announced a new bronze bust of everyone's favorite Dark Lord of the Sith. This version is done from the concept art of Ralph McQuarrie, and is limited to just 100 pieces worldwide. Each piece is individually numbered, and the item is listed at $1349.99, saving you $150 off the MSRP for the piece.

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Posted by: Darth_Spice | 20 January 2011 | 16:25 EST
Mos Eisley News Brief: Master Qui-Gon returns from the Netherworld!
Well not exactly but there is breaking news that Liam Neeson will join the episode of Clone Wars next week. There is no doubt you'll want to visit Entertainment Weekly.com to check out the video clip and get the

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 20 January 2011 | 4:15 EST
Sandwatch Sneak Peek: More Photos of El-Les!
El-Les? I'd say El-MORE!Our S.C.A.L.P. Enforcer CommanderPhoenix is ripping the new Clone Wars figures to shreds, as he's just posted several new images of Clone Wars figure #47, El-Les. Now Sgt. Bric has his hired gun to help you train your Clone Troopers, and our Commander gave us a great look at Arconan Bounty Hunter! He includes a blaster rifle and has quite a tremendous amount of detail in his costume. Head for the forums to sound of your thoughts, see the photos and get the

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 20 January 2011 | 4:04 EST
Sandwatch Guides: UQS Han Solo ANH!
Han Yavin at the end once again!We update our Sandwatch Guides with the last talking Ultimate Quarter Scale figures from Diamond Select Toys. The second Han Solo includes a blaster pistol, interchangeable hand Yavin medal and display stand. The Grand Moff Tarkin, Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker (ANH) have been cancelled, but we might see a lower cost non-talking version of those figures down the road. For now, check out the new Han Solo and see if you are adding this one to your collection. You can also check out the other eight figures on our Ultimate Quarter Scale index page!

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 20 January 2011 | 4:02 EST
Affiliate Update: Valentine's Day Sale at Entertainment Earth
There is an early Valentine's Day sale kicking off at Entertainment Earth this week, and don't forget there is also free shipping on orders over $99. Click below to browse the menu as the vintage collection wave 5 is in stock and several other new items that are hot off the truck!

Entertainment Earth Valentine's Gift Sale

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 19 January 2011 | 19:21 EST
Sandwatch Sneak Peek: More Photos of Barriss Offee!
MORE views of the Brain Worms!Our S.C.A.L.P. Enforcer CommanderPhoenix has done it once again with images of the upcoming Barriss Offee figure. They sure are doing great work with the female Jedi Masters, and I still can't get over the Brian Worms the Commander gave us a real good look at! For more check out the photos in the forums for the

Posted by: The_Josh | 18 January 2011 | 15:50 EST
Sideshow Collectibles Production Blog Update
Today in Sideshow Collectibles Production Blog we get full preview shots of the 501st Clone 1:1 Bust. This bust will come in with a price tag of $599.99 and have a NRD of $60 that will charge in the first 24-28 hours after order. This piece does not have an announced edition size so expect it to be TBD when you order your piece. After you have checked out the Production Blog come chat about it with us in the 501st Bust Thread.

General- Star Wars Dioramas

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 18 January 2011 | 6:00 EST
Sandtrooper Spotlight: Incom Presents - Deceived
Ain't worth doing unless it's well done!I recall being at San Diego Comic-Con what is now two summers ago and being captivated by the LucasArts game trailer "Deceived". Now two of the main characters from that very clip have been brought to action figure life by forum member Incom. I can't believe what an incredible job he did on Darth Malgus & Zen Vallow, as we have put the photos into a gallery for you Troopers. Stop by the forums after you hit the viewfinder and give him a salute, and big congrats on a job well done.

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 18 January 2011 | 5:11 EST
Affliate Update: Gentle Giant Strikes Back
Nothing Gentle about this one!The team at Gentle Giant have passed along the details on their Ralph McQuarrie Concept Bronze Bust. At a mere 100 pieces worldwide and a 1500 dollar price tag, it's hard to say how long it will last. For more check out the latest photo gallery and detail sheet. There is no doubt this one is worth it's weight, in bronze! Sound off in our forums and let us know if cleaner lines and a distinctive glare put you in the hunt for this one! United We Find.

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 17 January 2011 | 16:00 EST
Mos Eisley News Brief: Rebel Spies report 5 before 4?
The spies at the Rebelscum.com are reporting the mixed wave of vintage figures are now showing up at retail in Orlando, FL. It's a bit strange they would show up before the Attack of the Clones wave that was revealed at Celebration V. For more, visit Rebelscum to check out the photo and

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 15 January 2011 | 12:06 EST
Sandwatch Guides: Clone Trooper Jesse with BARC Speeder
Here we go again Troopers!We update our Sandwatch Guides with the latest figure with vehicle hitting retail as of this week. Clone Trooper Jesse with BARC Speeder was found by Boba Binks just a couple of days ago in Indianapolis, and he wasted no time adding it to our Shadows of the Darkside index page. I really have to agree with him that for a price increase and the amount of character Jesse has with the Galactic Republic insignia on his bucket and tattooed on his head, they really should have done the removable helmet on this one Troopers! For more check out the latest. Sound off in our forums and check out the previous comparisons from last October when CommanderPhoenix compared it to the Captain Rex version! United We Find.

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 15 January 2011 | 11:16 EST
Mos Eisley News Brief: Hasbro BMF Vehicle 2011 REVEALED!
Unless the great Dan Curto is hood-winking me Troopers, it appears the new large scale vehicle from 2011 will indeed be the Republic Attack Shuttle from the Clone Wars animated series. While we still do not have any photos, there is a story from Toy News magazine that discusses the massive ship. For more visit Rebelscum for the

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 14 January 2011 | 20:20 EST

Comic Book 2-Packs: We've received a shipment of the new Star Wars Comic Two-Pack exclusives, and we currently have them in stock. Two-Packs include Montross & Jaster mereel at $19.99, and Soontir Fel & Ysanne Isard, Jarael & Rohlan Dyre and Deliah Blue & Darth Nihl at $17.99. We also have them listed as a set of 4, priced at $69.99.

Star Wars Panels: These new 2 by 6-foot stickable panels from RoomMates come in a variety of Star Wars designs. Classic Cast, Anakin Skywalker, C-3P0 & R2-D2, Yoda & Obi-Wan Kenobi, Classic Dark Side, Dark Side and Clone Trooper options are all listed, priced at $44.99 each.

Sideshow Collectibles: The latest in Sideshow's Militaries of Star Wars line is this Clone Sergeant with green detailing. He comes with swappable hands and feet, along with a laser rifle and display stand, and is priced at $84.99, $5 off the MSRP for the piece.

Kup 01 Head Kit: iGear has also produced a set of two replacement heads for the upcoming Generations Kup figure. Both more accurately reflect the look and personality of the cranky old vet, and one even comes with a cygar (the Transformers version of a cigar) in his mouth. The set even comes with a storage box that fits in the bed of the truck, and is priced at $15.99.

Master Piece Accessories: iGear has launched a line of replacement heads for the Masterpiece Transformers figures. These heads more accurately reflect the anime versions of Prime, Ultra Magnus and Nemesis Prime (or at least his look), and are available individually at $19.99 each, or $49.99 for the set of three. Each head also comes with a small stand for separate display.

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Posted by: Darth_Spice | 14 January 2011 | 18:13 EST
Sandwatch Guides: TRU Battle Over Endor Pilot Sets
We update our Sandwatch Guides with the Toys R Us exclusive Battle Over Endor Pilot sets. It's too bad they couldn't have put these into some type of vintage style packaging, as I can't quite understand why they are in the Shadows of the Darkside packaging. However you can't ever have too many pilots or astromech droids. For more check out the latest photos and summary of both sets. Sound off in our forums and let us know if this one, if not both sets will be flying into your collection! United We Find.

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 14 January 2011 | 18:07 EST
Mos Eisley News Brief: Return of the Jet-I?
I want to be a Jet-I like Broadway Joe!There is no question the NFL Playoffs are going to be very interesting this weekend, and the AFC Divisional Playoff has produced a very interesting photo on the back page of the New York Post. As if Rex Ryan and his big mouth weren't enough to fuel the pre-game hype for the big game between the New York Jets and New England Patriots this weekend, the Post created this photo of "Return of the Jet-I." I'm not sure what is the funniest between Mark Sanchez as Luke, Coach Belichick as Darth Vader or Rex Ryan as Han Solo. Start spreading the news, and Long Live the Empire! United We Find.

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 14 January 2011 | 17:57 EST
Mos Eisley News Brief: Unleash the Rancor!
Unleash the Rancor!Our Ace-1 LEGO Master Builder ACPin has put together his first creation of 2011! You can bet the Rancor is a great compliment to Jabba's Prize and I can't wait to see what he has in mind for his next build. There is no question he is a baddest man in the LEGO universe. For more jump into the Sandtroopers forums to check out the latest work. United We Find.

Posted by: Boba Binks | 13 January 2011 | 20:55 EST
Area Report: More New Product in the Circle City!
HOW much?Today while I was out running errands not only did I pick up the Toys-R-Us Battle Over Endor pilot packs, I got more than I bargained for at Wallyworld. At Wal-Mart for a raised price of $16.97, I picked up the Barc Speeder Bike with Clone Trooper Jesse. Stay tuned to Sandtroopers.com for the updates to our Sandwatch Guides. Best of luck to you Troopers out there on the hunt, United We Find.

Posted by: The_Josh | 13 January 2011 | 18:12 EST
Sideshow Collectibles Weekly Update
Tonight's Sideshow Collectibles newsletter gave this trooper quite a surprise along with the preview of the 501st Clone 1:1 Bust. We get another addition to our growing Clone army this time from Episode 2. The Clone Sergeant - Phase 1 is the next Clone joining the army to go with our basic white and Comic-Con Clone. This Clone will cost $90 and he comes with more Hands and actually another set of feet. So you will have plenty of options for displaying this awesome figure. After you have ordered the figure come chat about it with us in the Clone Sergeant - Phase 1 Thread.

General- Star Wars Dioramas

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 13 January 2011 | 13:32 EST
Affliate Update: New Year Sale!
"StarWarsShop is kicking off the New Year with some great deals and new products! Starting today, they added a Clearance Section that features top notch products at rock bottom prices. Save up to 80% on many items. Act fast, these prices end January 31st. Just in - The Death Star Cookie Jar! The cookie jar is built to hold an Imperial army of your favorite cookies, and can even double as a festive ice cooler or candy bowl at your next Star Wars soiree. We even had someone suggest it could be used as a flower planter for your kitchen! Made of sculpted ceramic with great detail, the the cookie jar features a flat base to keep your Death Star from rolling off the counter. Oh, and no exposed thermal exhaust ports for hungry young rebels. A very cool exclusive available only at StarWarsShop!" Click below to browse the clearance and new items.

StarWarsShop.com - More Product. More Exclusives.

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 13 January 2011 | 12:02 EST
Sandwatch Sneak Peek: More Clone Wars figures Revealed
MORE WOW! They even have Brain Worms!Our S.C.A.L.P. Enforcer CommanderPhoenix has done it once again with images of the cardbacks that shows off many new Clone Wars figures. The new reveals are: Anakin Skywalker & Ahsoka Tano (updated costumes), Aqua Droid, Commander Wolffe, Riot Control Clone Trooper, Eeth Koth and Clone Commander Colt! You can bet we'll keep our eyes peeled for anything else that comes through our viewfinder. For more check out the photos in the forums for the

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 12 January 2011 | 14:39 EST
Mos Eisley News Brief: "Big" News on the Horizon!
Our friends and Rebelscum just might have blown the lid off of the Toy Fair presentation with their latest rumor report. There are several basic figures, two new beasts, and the big news you might want to slip on a depends undergarment before you click to the link to the

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 12 January 2011 | 14:25 EST
Sandwatch Sneak Peek: Dagobah Luke Cardback Revealed
See they can make a great wave!Forum member Echo Base has confirmed indeed the wait is over! The cardback of the Dagobah Landing Luke Skywalker has revealed several new Vintage Collection figures including: Clone Trooper (AotC), General Lando Calrissian, AT-RT Driver (RotS), Fi-Ek Sirch (AotC), and Weequay (RotJ). There is no doubt the Vintage Collection is headed for greater heights this year. For more photos of Dagobah Landing Luke, check out the forums to get the

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 12 January 2011 | 14:17 EST
Sandwatch Sneak Peek: New Figures Everywhere!
OH WOW!Our forums are once again showing off several new images as Commanderphoenix has posted an image of his latest haul that includes: Barriss Offee, Clone Captain Lock (Kmart Exclusive), El-Les, Clone Trooper Hevy and much more. You can bet the offerings at Toy Fair will be even more exciting, but until then jump into the forums to get the

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 12 January 2011 | 3:52 EST
Mos Eisley News Brief: Frosty the Stormtrooper
A jolly, happy soul!Our S.C.A.L.P. Trooper Gorkoracing posted a photo in our forums yesterday of a pretty cool way to enjoy some of that white stuff that is doing a pretty good job of covering most of the United States right now. I was really impressed by the Stormtrooper Snowman that was posted on the Facebook page of his local news. For more, check out the forums to sound off or show off pictures of your Star Wars snow creations if you have one to share!

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 12 January 2011 | 3:39 EST
Sandwatch Guides: TFU Shadow Guard Kicks off 2011!
A little paint, pike, new bust!We update our Sandwatch Guides with the first minibust for the year 2011. The Shadow Guard could be a rough customer during your adventures on the Force Unleashed, but obviously they made a big enough impression on fans to be one of the first busts from the video game. There isn't much content on the page right now, but jump back to our Gentle Giant Index for a collection of everything we have archived from this company. For more check out the latest. Sound off in our forums and let us know if this one has got to make it to your collection! United We Find.

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 10 January 2011 | 14:01 EST
Sandwatch Sneak Peek: Rebel Transport Speeder Photos!
Keep 'em coming Troopers!We have a several new images that surfaced today, as we can confirm the Separtist Speeder reported last week will indeed be a Toys R Us exclusive. We also have found the Rebel Transport Speeder that was reported at the Celebration V slideshow last summer. This is a great example of when they should reissue product, as many of us missed the Scramble at Yavin Battle Pack a couple of years ago. For more, check out the photo gallery and stop back by our forums to sound off and let us know if you're glad to see the Rebel Transport Speeder come back for another pass!

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 10 January 2011 | 2:39 EST
Mos Eisley News Brief: Katie Lucas talks Clone Wars
The Clone Wars Season 3 is heating up and last week's episode was written by none other than 22 year-old Katie Lucas. The Nightsisters trilogy kicked off and was no doubt one of the better offerings of the season. In a recent interview with a very young fan of Clone Wars, Kira Simons has Katie to open up on what got her out of the realm of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and into a galaxy far, far away. For more check out one of the marquee blogs at CNN.com for the

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 9 January 2011 | 13:18 EST
Mos Eisley News Brief: "New" Vintage Luke X-Wing
Where's the smiling version?!We have a new image that surfaced in our forums this morning from forum member Echo Base. It appears Luke Skywalker (Dagobah Landing) will be making it into the 2011 Vintage collection on an Empire Strikes Back card later this year. It seems like the same figure we saw in the 2009 Legacy Collection, however this figure is possibly a production sample and the lightsaber appears to be clear. Also to be noted is the new head sculpt with hair vs. the hood. Therefore it's safe to say only time will tell, and like anything we can consider it rumor until officially confirmed by Hasbro. For more, jump to the forums to check out the

Posted by: Boba Binks | 8 January 2011 | 20:29 EST
Mos Eisley News Brief: Diamond Select UQS line Cancelled!
When I learned that many online stores were cancelling orders for the Diamond Select Ultimate Quarter Scale line , I e-mailed Diamond Select Toys about this. This is the reply that I have received from Chris Myers and the team at Diamond Select.

"Thank you David for your inquiry, the Star Wars 1/4 Scale line has been cancelled."

That means the prototype of Grand Moff Tarkin that was shown long ago, the amazing looking A New Hope Darth Vader, everybody's favorite farm boy A New Hope Luke Skywalker, Attack of the Clones Count Dooku and Revenge of the Sith Emperor Palpatine (red robes) will not be made in this what I would consider a fantastic less costly alternative to high-end collectibles in this scale. View some of the cancelled UQS figures from San Diego Comic-Con 2009 and Toy Fair. The last of this line is Han Solo from A New Hope that is available now, while supplies last. Stay tuned to our Sandwatch Guides for the visual guide once Han Solo lands in my hands.

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 8 January 2011 | 17:46 EST
Mos Eisley News Brief: Vintage 9-Pack Dirt Cheap!
Our friends at Yakface.com are reporting the Target exclusive vintage 9-pack marked down to an incredibly low price of $12.48! So if you do happen to have these on a clearance endcap near you, you might want to take another look. For more check out the Yakface forums for the

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 7 January 2011 | 12:33 EST
Collections Update: The "Binks" Bunker
You might want to put on a Depends before you click!We update Sandtroopers Collections with the addition of staff member Boba Binks. The man responsible for so much of our visual stimulation has put together quite the amazing display. There is no doubt seeing this collection in person is on my 2011 to-do list. I don't think there is a larger collection of Boba Binks memorabilia in the world! Check out the impressive gallery of the "Binks Bunker", and note this isn't everything. For more, check out the latest photo gallery. Do you have a collection you'd like to include on our collections page? Send an email to darthspiceATsandtroopers.com. United We Find.

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 7 January 2011 | 4:29 EST
Sandwatch Sneak Peek: New?!? Separatist Speeder!
Check it out, more new paint!We have been in close contact with many of our S.C.A.L.P. Operatives as we move closer to the next Toy Fair event that is just weeks away. We have one lone image of the Separatist Speeder with Geonosian that will be part of the figure with vehicle collection for 2011. There's no doubt that we've seen this before. All of a sudden we're seeing more Geonosians than you can swing a lightsaber at! It's nice to see they're giving us a whole new squad, and as much as I hate to ask for a repack, when can we get the Geonosian Fighter again? Sound off in our forums and let us know you are looking forward to this set! United We Find.

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 7 January 2011 | 4:17 EST
This Just in from Brian's Toys:

- click above to enter -

Check out the slew of classic Star Wars video games! From Dark Forces to Rebel Assault, and Super Star Wars Empire Strikes Back. Relive these classic games once again, or just add them to your collection. Plus, two new mini busts to show-off such as the Luke Skywalker on Tatooine pose and the Shadow Guard from The Force Unleashed video game.

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 7 January 2011 | 4:17 EST
Mos Eisley News Brief: Star Wars invades LEGOLAND California!
If you build it, they will indeed come!"Big LEGO STAR WARS NEWS! LEGOLAND California announced that they will be unveiling an all-new Star Wars themed area in miniland this March! For those who are not familiar with miniland, it is an area in the park that re-creates different cities and landmarks from around the world, all in minilandscale! This is the first time that LEGOLAND is adding a themed area and what better theme to add than Star Wars?! With over 2,000 LEGO models, the miniland with follow a chronological path through the I timeline – Episodes I – VI plus Clone Wars will all be there! Individual film scenes were selected by a panel of LEGO, LEGOLAND and Lucas Film experts. The miniland will have over 1.5 million LEGO bricks, weigh more than 1.3 tons and took over 13 months to develop and build." For more, check out photo gallery and then hit the forums for the entire press release to get the

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 7 January 2011 | 3:45 EST
Mos Eisley News Brief: Darth Vader Joins Wizard World Tour!
"David Prowse is best known for playing the physical form of Darth Vader in the original Star Wars trilogy and has joined the Wizard World Comic Con Tour with his first stop at Toronto Comic Con, March 18-19-20, 2011 at the Direct Energy Centre. Join tens of thousands of fans as they celebrate Movies, Comics, Toys, Video Gaming, Games, TV, Anime, Manga, Horror, Wrestling, MMA, Original Art, & Collectibles!" For more, check out the

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 6 January 2011 | 21:51 EST
Sandwatch Live: Boba Fett with Han in Carbonite
Well we just couldn't get enough of the Boba Fett with Han in Carbonite limited edition statue. As I really do feel it's a strong candidate for "collectible of the year" as far as high-end, non-toy items are concerned. The details were captured quite well in our guide from Boba Binks last week, but seeing as I never know when to shut my mouth, click below to see if you think this is the heavy-hitter I say it is!

Posted by: The_Josh | 6 January 2011 | 16:16 EST
Star Wars Saga Finally Coming To Blu-Ray
Today was a great day for Star Wars fans. The Star Wars Saga is finally coming to Blu-Ray. In September fans will be able to buy either the Prequel Trilogy or Original Trilogy on Blu-Ray by themselves for a MSRP of $69.99 or they can get a special nine disc set that includes both trilogies (MSRP $139.99). Many websites have this up now to pre-order like Amazon.com. Make sure you get over to any of these sites and get your order in now so in September we can all go to that galaxy far far away in HD!

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 6 January 2011 | 1:28 EST

Clone Wars: We have the first assortment of Clone Wars figures for 2011. Series 01 - the case of 12 includes: Captain Rex, Commander Cody, Destroyer Droid, Anakin Skywalker in Space Suit, General Grievous, ARF Trooper, R2-D2, 2x CW40 Obi-Wan Kenobi, CW41 Hevy in Training Armor, CW42 Cad Bane (with TODO 360), CW43 R7-A7 (Ahsoka's Astromech).

Gentle Giant: The mini-bust line continues with Luke Skywalker in his original "farm boy" look. In this version he has his newly-found lightsaber stretched upward to the sky, and he is priced at $53.99, $6 off the MSRP.

BBTS Thundercats Exclusive: This new statue of the siberian tiger Thundercat wields his Hammer of Thundera and stands atop a rocky outcropping. We have him available as the Limited Edition statue (350 pieces worldwide) at $199.00, and also as the Artist Proof edition (50 pieces worldwide) at $215.00.

- Click to Enter Big Bad Toy Store -

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 5 January 2011 | 1:41 EST
Sandwatch Sneak Peek: More Vintage 3 Packs!
Already? AGAIN!They did say more would come right? We have a small set of images of what we believe to be the next Target Exclusive Vintage Collection 9-pack. Just when you thought it was safe to browse the clearance aisle, there are 3 sets in the form of Villain, Hero and Rebel. There doesn't seem to be any new about the figures, but there wasn't in the last set either! For more check out the latest carded and loose photos. Sound off in our forums and let us know this set of repacks does it for you! United We Find.

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 4 January 2011 | 23:55 EST
Affiliate Update: Winter Blowout Sale!
Happy New Year Troopers! Entertainment Earth wanted to get the ball rolling quickly, so we're having a Winter Blowout. It ends January 13th and lots of items will go quickly, so click below to see if there's anything you wouldn't mind adding to your collections.

Entertainment Earth Winter Blowout Sale

Posted by: The_Josh | 4 January 2011 | 3:07 EST
Sideshow Collectibles 12 Days Of Sideshow Final Day
Over the last 12 days Sideshow Collectibles 12 Days of Sideshow has given us two Star Wars days. Well, the final day of the event has given us another Star Wars day. The items shown in the picture for today was an amazing looking 501st Bust and one of the aliens from the Cantina Band. No information was given on when these would go up for sale but you can check out the image while checking out 12 Days Of Sideshow. Then come let us know what you think in our 501st and Cantina Band Bust Thread.

General- Star Wars Dioramas

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 3 January 2011 | 1:25 EST
Mos Eisley News Brief: 2011 – It’s Down to Seven!
The team at JediTempleArchives.com put together a great feature that updates 2010: The Year We Make The Rest from last year. For 2011, they revisit the report "with a vengeance" (100 photo gallery, in-depth commentary, vintage to modern analysis etc.) and for more, you have to visit to get the

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 1 January 2011 | 16:59 EST
Sandwatch Guides: 2010 EE Exclusive Comic Packs
It was a bleak year with Comic Book 2-packs disappearing from retail pegs, it was a great thing Entertainment Earth stepped up to the plate and delivered the fans four great sets that many have been begging to see for years. Click the banner below for the complete gallery and one of the few things left to add to our 2010 Vintage page. Thanks again to Boba Binks for one incredible job with our images and guides this past year. Your contribution and dedication is priceless!

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 1 January 2011 | 15:47 EST
Happy New Year Troopers!
It was indeed an incredible 2010 for Sandtroopers.com and we thank each and every member of our ground forces for helping us kick up dust each month through the year. We were able to uncover many big exclusives leading into San Diego Comic-Con and Celebration V, and our "Decade of Decadence" anniversary tour was a great way to give back and recruit new members of our army. We must thank our sponsors and affiliates, as well as the many other Star Wars collecting websites that helped us launch our 2010 invasion. Stay tuned for a look back at the highlights that made it such a special year of United We Find.

Posted by: Darth_Spice | 1 January 2011 | 15:39 EST
This Just in from Brian's Toys:

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Happy New Year to everyone in the galaxy! Brian's Toys says goodbye to a terrific 2010, and wish all customers and their families a safe 2011. Take advantage of the 10% OFF storewide coupon. No minimum/maximum order. In-stock merchandise only. Use code HELLO2011 with your next order before January 10th to qualify. Go to our website to check out all the new exclusive Gentle Giant and Sideshow in stock, featuring a Greedo with Han Solo Wanted Poster.