This section of has been created for the sole purpose of relaying a message to Hasbro in regards to their business practices in recent years, in regards to their Star Wars toy line.  These letters are not meant to bash Hasbro, but in hope that this might actually make Hasbro aware of how true Star Wars collectors feel about their tactics and marketing strategies.  This page will continue to grow with more and more letters, so it's essential that you bookmark this page for further updates.

If you would like to write a letter to Hasbro, you are more than welcome to.  Simply write a letter with anything you would like to share with Hasbro representatives, and we will post it here at our discretion.  There is no limit to the length of your letter, but we do hope it's more than just a few sentences.  We will not publish letters that only serve to bash Hasbro.  Send your letter to us via email, and we will let you know when your letter has been published here.  If you have any questions please contact us.

Here are the letters we have received from loyal Troopers so far...