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rievous was originally a warlord on his home planet of Kalee. Part of the general's hatred for the Jedi came from a dispute between his people and the rival Huk worlds the Jedi where called in to help settle the dispute. The Jedi sided with the Huk and left Grievous and his people in ruin from the battle. During the many rough years ahead Grievous would move his way up in the International Banking Clan. While in the IBC he would meet Count Dooku who would take great interest in Grievous.

ount Dooku and Darth Sidious would later plant a bomb on Grievous' shuttle causing it to crash nearly killing him. Being on the brink of death and only with the help of Dooku’s Dark Side powers was Grievous kept alive. Then what was left of him was fused with robotic parts turning him into the Cyborg you saw on screen during Revenge Of The Sith.

e was trained in lightsaber combat by Darth Tyranus, becoming neither Force sensitive nor Sith. Considering himself not a droid, this alien Cyborg reacted with demented fury to such inference as many of his victims attested in panic. The General's menacing presence was felt strong in the Outer and Mid Rims, bringing new levels of butchery to the wars, leaving trails of blood everywhere he ventured.

ideshow Collectibles General Grievous Premium Format Figure follows Luke, Han, Vader, and Obi-Wan into collectors' homes. Grievous made his big premier at Celebration III and San Diego Comic Con last year. The General was a collaboration project between Sideshow Collectibles and the Gore Group. The Edition Size of this Exclusive was limited 1500 pieces worldwide.

s with any important character Sideshow Collectibles produces, a regular and an exclusive version are created. This review of the General Grievous figure will be of the Exclusive Version. Based on a quality scale of one through ten (ten being the highest), I've broken down the review into categories, grading each of them separately.

Sideshow is again using the removable outer slip with all the graphics and information about Grievous. As with the last few Star Wars Premium Format Sideshow Collectibles has gone back to the molded Styrofoam for their Premium Format figures. The major difference is how with Grievous the Styrofoam is broken down into four layers which helps protect him. However, this four layers system relies heavily on twisty-ties which can scratch the figure or even cause it to break.

Grade: 8.5

The sculpting on Grievous is really some of the most amazing work I've ever seen. Sideshow and The Gore Groups did a really outstanding job capturing what you saw on screen in ROTS. The detail in the midsection is the best part of this figure. The way the polystone armor protects the material used to hold his internal gutsack is pretty cool. The head sculpt is also out of this world. Everything looks the way it did on screen with all the metal work in the neck area and face, but the most realistic part of the head is how life like his eyes look. The arms and legs are rendered with precision, helping give you a great mental view of how this Cyborg would move. Grievous really is made out of multiple mediums such as polystone, metal, and cloth (if you got the exclusive cape). I believe the midsection where his internal organs are at might be plastic so, yet another medium involved.

Grade: 10

The painting on Grievous not only matches what you saw on screen but also what was seen on the prototype. The parts that are supposed to look like metal do, and the specific characteristics of certain sections of the armor look just as they did on the film. Again, the work on the Sallow reptilian eyes is phenomenal and the paint application around this area helps tremendously enhance Grievous' life like look.

Grade: 10

Well, as with any premium format figure there shouldn't be any unless your figure happens to be broken.

Grade: N/A

The accessory for this exclusive is the General's infamous long cape, the only outfit he wore during parts of ROTS. The cape only helps make the figure look better, by adding an authentic piece of garment to an existing fantastic design and thus making the sculpt stand out even further. However, no matter what version you went with, exclusive or standard, you got a winner. The sculpt is so realistic, so painstakingly detailed that the General's cape by no means, makes nor breaks the figure's appearance.

Grade: 7

At $450.00 bucks before shipping, this thing is very expensive to say the least. Now, you are getting your money's worth in the detail and impact of this piece. If you can get him cheaper great, but if you paid retail like I did you're still getting long lasting quality for every cent you spent.

Grade: 8


This is probably the best figure so far from Sideshow in their Star Wars Premium Format line. The sculpting, detail, and paint are amazing and make the General well worth getting it, even if you don't care for how Lucas used Grievous. However, at $450 for the exclusive that might keep some who have to watch their collecting funds, closely away.


- Packaging- 8.5
- Sculpt- 10
- Paint- 10
- Articulation- NA
- Accessories- 7
- Value- 8
- Overall- 8.5
- Edition Size: 1500 pieces. Sold out

Sideshow Collectibles