By Julian H. Betancourt
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Sideshow Collectibles has built a world renown reputation for showering their fans with a dizzying array of museum-quality collectibles presented in incredibly eye appealing packages. Recently the company became even more popular by adding to their line of 12" figures the Star Wars universe of characters. This was well received by fans and the figures have proven to be nothing short of perfect.

Early in 2006 the maker became again the center of attention when it surprised Star Wars-enthusiasts across the globe with the announcement of a new and impressive series of high end, life-size Star Wars busts capturing every single detail and likeness of the characters, including authentic partial replica of the costumes they worn. The first two characters mentioned to be produced: Darth Maul and Greedo.

Although the price tag for these 1:1 scale busts will surely send some folks scavenging for some extra cash or most likely break your wallet, the money spent on them will be well worth it, if one is to appreciate the superbly mastered attention to detail, the perfectly proportioned features and the precise paint applications given to the sculpts.


Obediently serving his diabolical master, Darth Sidious, and possessing incredible tactical and physical abilities Darth Maul, a creature of pure evil, is one of the most highly trained Sith in the history of the Sith order, an order fueled by the negative energies of the dark side from 2, 000 years ago.  Darth Maul's mind is set on one thing and one thing only: To exact vengeance upon the Jedi for the decimation of the Sith ranks. Firmly awaiting for domination to come and completely dedicated to discipline in the Dark Side, the Sith Apprentice's face is tattooed with symbols of his loyalty, his presence .... A menacing one.

Limited to 1,000 pieces with a MSRP of $600.00 the Darth Maul life size bust is definitely a centerpiece for any collection, office or home theater. Sideshow Collectibles, in partnership with Spectral Motion created this "monster" bust measuring 26" high x 18" wide x 11" deep and weighing 30 pounds!

Darth Maul's bust is mounted on a a mechanical, Star Wars inspired round base that includes a rectangular nameplate with red letters over a black background. Each bust is hand crafted and painstakingly hand painted, recreating with realism every facial feature of the character. The hairless skull, the face tattoos, the gleaming yellow eyes, the vestigial horns, the rotten teeth and uncanny skin texture they're all rendered with such perfection that one will think the bust isn't such but the actual real, living character staring back at you. The hood is a separate piece which replicates the one worn by Ray Park in the film. It is made of a heavy cloth, letting you fiddle with it to get the look that pleases you most. Once the hood gets placed over Maul's head the Sith Lord's menacing tattooed visage will snarl from under it. It is an eerie experience in a room with dimmed lights.

If you have the money, I can definitely recommend getting this bust. You won't regret the quality of the product and It will bring your collection one step ahead of the rest. Furthermore, your friends will be in awe once you open your collection room door and say:

"Meet my apprentice, Darth Maul"


I would like to thank our Commander in Chief, Darth Spice, for the provision of the detailed pictures of the Sith Lord's bust. The frames would had never been possible without Darth Spice's E-mail transmissions containing the precious Sith cargo. Maul's menacing bust diabolically rests within the bowels of hell, deep underground, in Spice's Chicagoland basement.