April  2, 2012
Story & Photos by: Chris "Darth" Spice


The release of the special edition Star Wars XBOX has been swelling since the super-system was announced last July at San Diego Comic-Con. Chances are if you drop the $449.00 retail to purchase the Droid themed game system, you'll never buy another XBOX again since it has a 320GB hard drive. There are tons of other features besides the R2-D2 console, C-3PO controller and the white Kinect sensor. To sum it up quite simply, if you like video games then these are the Droids you are looking for!

To help celebrate the release of the special edition XBOX, members of the Midwest Garrison were on hand to help with the party thrown at the Microsoft store in suburban Chicago. After getting to the store a little early and I took the time to get some really good photos seeing as there wasn't really anyone to disturb me after hours. It wasn't long before I would suit up into my Sandtrooper gear and was joined by two Biker Scouts, a TIE Pilot and one lone X-Wing Pilot. The team at Microsoft really went out of their way as hosts by serving drinks, pizza and providing an atmosphere of great fun.

The greatest sports station in the nation was also on hand with AM 670 The Score, and it was really cool to meet one of my favorite on-air personalities, Matt Abbatacola. They conducted a Star Wars trivia contest and gave away t-shirts, sunglasses, mugs and other Score 670 merchandise. However the best was certainly saved for last as one of our own was selected in the raffle for the XBOX bundle and Brian Troyan a.k.a. TB 8968 couldn't have been more surprised or happy to be interrupted during his game. Oh yeah, the game of course! While it's not the easiest to play in full Stormtrooper gear, there's no doubt you will really enjoy the XBOX Kinect Star Wars game. I found the game play to be very accurate in incredibly fun. Factor that in with it gets you off the couch to perform a little exercise, you just can't lose. Until next time Troopers, United We Find.

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