Los Angeles, CA
March 21, 2005
Story by Adam Silva, Jr. (Sand Snipe)
Photos by RJP

RJP and I went to Wizard World LA, in Long Beach. For only attending the show one day it wasn’t too bad but it did have some faults. For those of you who weren’t fortunate enough to attend I managed to get a few shots in with my ST Issue Electro binoculars. We ended up getting a free boat tour out of the deal and for a Trooper that usually likes to stay on dry land mounted on Dewback, this wasn’t so bad. Darth Spice gave me strict instruction to take photographs only; I was not to engage the enemy. Here is a summary of our brief insertion behind enemy lines.

As our trip started out, the drive went pretty smooth. Then the road leading to the convention center was being cleaned, thus blocking it off. Was this a sign of a bad day? Well, we did make it, but the other people going there weren’t as enthusiastic as the one’s at Gen Con. At Gen Con people were running to get in, the people here at Wizard World were pretty laid back, taking their time to get to the event.

When we got to the main show room we saw rows of venders selling comic books, but this was no surprise, it is after all a comic book convention. We pretty much just started the day at the booths, picking up our free stuff but even the free stuff wasn’t that great. Let’s see, I got a couple of Pogs, an E3 card, a SW poster, and a sweet little green Kubrick guy. The poster is pretty cool too but I thought we’d at least get a free comic book or something! The shopping wasn’t too bad though, I didn’t find anything I really liked but it was still cool to look. The talking Mr. T key chain was really cool, “I pity the fool who don’t buy me.” I’ll tell ya this much though, it pays to shop. One booth was selling a mini saber for $50 and the other had it for $25 (the price says $30 but they lowered it)... kind of ironic, huh? One booth had an R2-D2 cooler this dude made, pretty neat so my Star Wars nerdy instincts made me take a picture.

After the booths it was the row of artists. Many that draw comics. The only Star Wars related artists were Randy Martinez (makes some of the comics in SW magazine), Cynthia Cummens (draws various Star Wars pictures and does some stuff for SW kids), and Tom Hodges (also draws various SW pictures). To see their artwork visit www.randymartinez.net, www.cynthiacummensart.com, and as for Tom Hodges, his site is being revamped so no pictures are up yet. They all are great artists and very fun people to talk to. I believe all three will be at Celebration III, so keep an eye out.

There were tables set up showing some of card gaming dioramas, all made by fans. There were dioramas of Mech Warriors, Hero Clix, a baseball game, and Pirates of the Spanish Mane. The baseball one was funny because there is a toy car in the back of the “stadium” and its windows have holes in them as if a baseball smashed it. We thought they looked neat so we got some pictures.

There was a fairly big gaming area, actually two of them. They were packed but I think they hogged the games on purpose, they knew Snipe would smoke ‘em! It was pretty funny looking at the people play Eye Toy though; it really makes you look stupid. Contests were held but mostly for car racing games, one of the few games I have difficulty with.

As for the stars, Jay and Silent Bob were there. We didn’t get a chance to see them though. Two wrestlers were there, RVD (Rob Van Dam) and Virgil. Cassandra Peterson (Elvira), Lou Ferrigno (Hulk TV series), Erin Gray (Colonel Wilma on Buck Rogers), and Vernon Wells (Wez, the villain from Road Warrior) are also worth mentioning. The guests that wrote and drew comics were, Paul Dini (Writer of Batman the animated series and Lost) and Phil Ortiz (Artist for the Simpsons) are two of the many artists appearing at Wizard World. These guys were the true stars though, especially if you collect comics. It is an atmosphere with fellow collectors and each artist and writer will talk to you. Some of the artists/writers could possibly be your favorite, I’d say this is a great place to meet them. You can tell these guys love what they do and they appreciate the fans especially because they are fans themselves.

Well, we were done. We finished the thing in about 3 hours, which is not very long. Good thing is we saw a booth saying we can take the tour of the old WW2 boat the “Queen Mary” for free with our passes, so we went there ($23 dollar value, not too shabby). To make a long story short we had more fun on the boat taking the “Ghost” tour (Yes, a cheap ghost tour, it was about as good something Disney would do except with an eerie atmosphere) than Wizard World to be honest. Be sure to check out my sweet shots of the boat and on the boat. Well, that’s it from Wizard World, I mean the “Queen Mary,” Snipe signing off.


  • Dark Phoenix Heroclix you had to win raffle to win the right to purchase
  • Mage Knight: Apocalypse Dragon
  • She Hulk figure
  • Colossus Bust
  • Muppet Treasure Island Super Grover