June 22, 2009
Photos & Story: Ricky Salvagin - JediMCor


I didn't know what to expect at a Wizard World Convention for the 1st time. Rainy weather, so it was better to be inside all day and what better place to be. Arriving 30 minutes after opening and to my surprise, no lines at all here on a Saturday in Philly! We had gotten our wristbands on quickly and through the doors we went. This was very unlike other conventions where we have waited for hours. This is one of the smoothest conventions I ever went to.

The people were nice and everything was organized. When I saw a character for a picture, they were accommodating and friendly. I found a lot of bargains for the boys (Marvel and Indy Figures), but not any for myself. What was I thinking of? I was able to talk to some of the artist and a few of the stars or wrestlers. The best part of Wizard World Philly at the end of Saturday, was Ray Park showing his moves and with the fans too. Everybody had a blast with him. I would do the show again in a minute. Until next time, United We Find!

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