Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia, PA
June 16, 2007
Story and Photos by Shade


A Galaxy far far away sounds pretty far, and you might expect it to be problematic to gather some old friends in that Galaxy for a three-day adventure. It wouldn’t be impossible, just difficult. It would take a few phone calls, maybe an email or three and of course, like all things, a little cash. Philadelphia is not far far away unless you are actually from Coruscant. And yes, phones, emails and cash are all readily available to the promoters of Wizard World Philadelphia. Alas, it seems no one decided to use any of these technologies to attract any of the Stars Wars entities we know and love.

Star Wars had a milestone birthday this year celebrating thirty years of magic and adventure. To enhance and bring back these feelings from our youth, some of us try to mark this history by attending events like CIV and in the past for us on the east coast, Wizard World Philly. We were not able to travel to CIV but kept our spirits up by counting the days to WWP.

In the past they have had such guest appearances as Ray Parks, Kenny Baker, Jeremy Bulloch and many others. Some weren’t as welcoming as the three I just mentioned, but all added something substantial and real to the mythos and memories. This year there was not one guest from any of the movies, or hardly anything Star Wars related. The scalpers and their overpriced wares would have been the only thing Star Wars, if not for true fans who brought the feeling with them.

Have we been spoiled too much lately with the recent new episodes of the movies, all the toys you could every imagine and gatherings like CIV? Could be, but not all of us get a chance to enjoy events on the west coast so we rely on smaller local events. This may seem like a complete downer, but there is a positive side to this and a reminder. The movies were great but when they are over, where do we turn for our excitement, thrills, who do we talk to and where do we go?

An answer might be that we have to look inward and put in that extra effort ourselves. We have to look deep and hard at sites like our very own, and recognize that it is with this site and the hard work of the moderators and staff that we add to our love of Star Wars. If you're reading this then you have the power to travel far far away to a time long ago without even leaving your house. If the large corporations and the people with all the cash are not going to force feed us our Stars Wars then we are going to have to bring the Star Wars to the people. This is not a time to lose hope but to look to the future. I can attest to you that Wizard World Philly will not be the norm and you can expect big things from Wizard World Chicago. Maybe the show isn’t going to always be a knock your socks off Star Wars bananza unless you help it become so. Dress up, wear your shirt proudly, build those dioramas and flaunt it wherever the party maybe.

There were a few morsels for people with families like myself that do tend to rely on the show to be given to us. A group known as New York Jedi had some well-costumed people holding a lightsaber padawan class for children under thirteen. All the kids involved and everyone watching got some of the old feelings back. They even gave away a few free lightsabers to the kids involved. Good welcomed fun there. And another costumed group had a nice gang of sandtroopers, snowtroopers and the like wandering the show letting anyone who asked snap a picture with friends or of there kids being arrested by storm troopers or forced choked by a very shiny Vader.

The star wars experience is there if you look, even at shows that are dedicated to things like comics and if you bring the love, the passion for star wars with you, you are bound to find more like yourself and have a good time. All in all, I have to say that the promoters of Wizard World Philly dropped the ball on their end during a fairly big year for Star wars, but in the end the true fans and sites like pulled through once again to make this event a blast. What's the old saying, "There is no boredom just boring people?" So just incase you find yourself at a less then spectacular Star wars event, breathe easy and remember will always be here for us all.

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