It is been six years since I began my mission with One of the very first Patrols I made was Wizard World Chicago back in 2003. It was a glorious time, as Hasbro, Gentle Giant and Master Replicas all used to make it out for this three-day mega event. It seems for whatever reason; the show has been in decline for Star Wars entertainment over the past few years. Our reports from Wizard World Philadelphia indicated almost no Star Wars presence at all. Upon hearing this terrible news the team at went to work. While Chicago is blessed to have three Star Wars guests, I decided it was time to up the ante a bit.

With Sandblast 2007 on the horizon, I decided to tweak the mass giveaway and utilize both the air and the ground. The revolution is and if you are a Star Wars collector it is truly the way. I don’t know how many times new recruits say how great this place is but they simply didn’t know about it. This is going to change, as we will set up our “bunker” in Chicago and with it the ground attack of Sandblast 2007 will commence. We encourage Star Wars collectors to stop by and visit booth number #1834 for a chance to win an impressive list of prizes. We will then conduct the final round or the “air” attack via the Internet from August 13-23, 2007. As we could never leave our loyal veterans out of the celebration. We thank all of you for seven very successful years and I like to think we’re just getting started. Stay tuned to for coverage of Operation: Ground Assault all weekend long! United We Find.

Day 0: Spice's Preview  8/9/07
Day 1: Enter Sandman  8/10/07
Weekend Update: Ground Assault  8/12/07

Wizard World Chicago 2007
Rosemont Convention Center
August 9-12, 2007
For directions click here

We're stationed at booth #1834!

Chris Rhoads (dustrho)
Chris Spice (Darth Spice)
David Syczylo (Boba Binks)
Wayne Roberts (Reconsgt)

If you have taken pictures of the event with your own digital camera and you don't have anywhere to host them, we can host those images for you here. Just send us an email, and we'll post your pictures on your own separate web page.