Boston, MA
October 2, 2005
Story and Photos by Jim Lauzonis (Jimsjedi)


Okay, first thing. The staff here at Sandtroopers is not be liable for questions on my thoughts on Wizard World Boston. These are my thoughts only. Let's begin.

Day started out great, or should I say the night before. Had way too many cocktails at a friend's house while the Bosox took the first game from the Yankees Friday night. So I was still feeling the effects of the night before at 7:30am the next morning. I had to do the Daddy thing before I could get going anywhere and got out of the house for my trek into the city around 11:00am. Got into Boston to the Bayside Expo Center about an hour later, and was getting anxious to get inside.

No lines at all, barely any Wizard World Greeting other than a large banner in the doorway. Now I know that Wizard World represents most things towards the comic world, but the whole entire time I was there I was completely BORED. I am not really into comics at all, but do respect the art. I mean if I could draw more than my famous stick figures, the dough would be rolling in. There were barely anything Star Wars related. Some of the vendors did have some stuff but 95% of it was the damn Marvel Legends Figures. Everyone had them. Every corner I took there they were staring at me.

The New England Garrison 501 was there and got a lot of comments on my shirt. Only problem was that I think I only saw a very small number of folks dressed up and it seemed that no one was paying attention to them. I really do like to check out all of the vendor tables, and I did that and enjoyed it. Unfortunately, I didn't buy anything. Nothing really caught my eye at all. I walked around looking at all of the comic artists and this was when I was so frustrated with being bored I said forget it, it's time to get out of here.

While ready to bail, I saw the line for WWE wrestler Mick Foley. This actually was the highlight of my day. Nothing Star Wars related or even some comic stuff, but wrestling's own Cactus Jack, Mankind, one half of the Rock N Sock Connection. My, was this a sad day for me. Honestly though I have always been a wrestling fan and looked forward to meeting Mick. If I only new that THIS was going to be my only highlight I would have went on local toy runs without a second thought. I sat in line and then met with Mick and told him that I enjoyed watching him beat the hell out of himself for my entertainment the last 10+ years. (My exact words to him). Mick was very polite, and enjoyed my brief conversation with him, but since I am already complaining about Wizard World itself why stop there. It was $10 bucks for an item signed and another $10 for a 8 x 10 glossy. Mick was money hungry. Everyone's conversation I witnessed he must have asked 3 times each "Did I get your money?" Every single dollar bill he got he put it in to his very dirty Seattle based signature red and black flannels shirt/jacket.

I finally was done with Wizard World at this point and decided to leave. Honestly, I have never been bored at a convention like this one. I would have settled for a friggin' yard sale somewhere. I will not be attending another Wizard World in the near future at all.

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