Anaheim Convention Center - Anaheim, CA
March 16-18, 2012


This year's edition of WonderCon 2012 was moved to sunny Southern California.  The rumor mill is spinning, is this a trial run to see if the city of Anaheim can handle cavalcade of pop culture, sci-fi fantasy and comic dreams?  What about the volume of people and traffic, can Disneyland and Comic-Con co-exist?  Take a look inside to see we observed at the Anaheim Convention Center to avoid the down pour of rain. Both northern and southern caifornia were caught in storm this weekend so, moving WonderCon to Anaheim did not benefit convention goers.

Dave's Report David Huber (Goliath)

Photos by Rodel I. Cruz-Herrera (odie-wan) & Daveid Huber (Goliath)