White Wizard Toys, Schaumburg, IL
December 2, 2006
Story and Photos by Chris Spice (Darth Spice)


With the Holiday season in full swing our Dewback Patrol led us to a grand opening sale at White Wizard Toys in Schaumburg, IL. A major snowstorm had crippled the Chicagoland area in the forty-eight hours before the storm and the end result was six to eight inches with an inch of solid ice underneath for good measure. I packed up my Sandtrooper gear and took my chances on the highway. White Wizard Toys is an online store that has taken the collecting experience to a different level. How many times have you wanted to physically examine the piece you are about to add to your collection? While many people seemed to be taken back at some of the prices, I think having a store front as well as a e-store is very advantageous.

We seen there was quite a bit of walk-by traffic on some of the brief strolls that we made throughout the day. I was proud to be one of the five members of the Midwest Garrison that were on hand to also assist with the festivities. The weather was so cold that even seeing people dressed as Star Wars characters didn’t seem to faze them. The people who did stop in were pretty impressed with the overall layout of the store. White Wizard also has quite a selection of different collectibles and you might find more than just Star Wars that grabs your attention. James Bond, Battlestar Galactica, and G.I. Joe were some of the lines I saw people gravitating towards. There was a drawing later in the day for a Kotobukiya Sandtrooper for anyone who signed up during the day.

Later that night I learned TK737 was lucky enough to walk away with the prize. I thought it was pretty funny a TK walked away with the prize; furthering whatever temptation he may have to learn to play dirty! Overall I was pretty impressed with the layout, selection and overall friendly service that White Wizard Toys had to offer. Even though the Grand Opening sale is over, I’d still advise anyone in the area to drop by and at the very least have a look around.

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