July 21, 2007
Story by Chris Spice (Darth Spice)
Photos by Jason D. Meyers (Dead Hero, Ret.)


With summer nearly over it was more than overdue for TD 7306 to serve the Legion. With that in mind I set out for the Western Days Parade in Racine, WI. I had observed there was limited participation for this event, which made it more important I attend. The Annual Western Days is a three-day event held in the middle of July in the West Racine shopping district and consists of sidewalk sales, entertainment, root beer tasting contests and a parade. My mission was to lend cover support to the 501st Legion’s land cruiser that would take part in the parade. DZ-5591 has a Ford Excursion decked out in the love of the Empire, along with a Gamorrean Guard outfit that is second to none. I would back up Obi-Wan Kenobi along with our Commanding Officer (TK 9989) of the Midwest Garrison.

Although it was only a fierce foursome, the Empire was well represented. We met outside a local religious facility and fell in line between a hackey-sack champion and a local politician. Sandtrooper Jason was our senior photographer on this assignment and he did a pretty good job of snapping several photos while the convoy was in motion. It was a very short parade, and the next thing I knew it was over. The smile on the faces of the on-lookers is such a great feeling. I can never get over the awe inspired look of a small child. Perhaps some day they’ll want to enlist and serve Lord Vader!

We got quite a few strange looks as I rode alongside the vehicle on the running boards as we shuttled back to our rendezvous point. With such a great lake breeze and the weather in the low 80’s, it was a fantastic day for a parade. Afterwards our Obi-Wan revealed he was a double agent as he donned his Walker Texas Ranger outfit and took to the streets to regulate! I can’t say enough how much fun it is to serve the Legion in any capacity. Those of you on the fence about suiting up and joining a great cause should end the procrastination and join Vader’s Fist in the fight to keep the dream alive. Until next time Troopers, United We Find!

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