Kokomo, IN
December 6, 2008
Story and Photos by David Syczylo (Boba Binks aka TS3778)


On Saturday, December 6, 2008 the local Bloodfin Garrison in Indianapolis, Indiana marched up to Kokomo, Indiana through the blowing wind and snow to partake in the third annual WE CARE event put on by Kokomo Comics located at 1201 S 17th St. Kokomo IN 46902.

The WE CARE event is a fundraiser where a bunch of Star Wars characters and one awesome pirate that goes by the name of Jack Sparrow are invited up to Kokomo to stand in the middle of a four-way intersection holding out buckets in hopes that the residents will donate to the children in need. As always the residents of Kokomo helped out the children greatly with their donations. Thank you Kokomo for your hospitality you have helped make some children that are in need to have a Merry Christmas, you really do care.

I due to the change in the Hoth like weather conditions turned in my Sandtrooper outfit for this and wore my Snowtrooper outfit instead. Not only did we stand out in the cold and snow making people smile we did it with a smile under out helmets and wore our hearts on our shoulders. That is what this event is for, to put aside oneself for one moment and help those in need.

Thank you to Kokomo Comics, the city of Kokomo and the Bloodfin Garrison. Another year is almost to an end and together we showed that WE CARED and help make some children in need smile this Christmas season.

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