May 15, 2008
Story & Photos by Chris Spice (Darth Spice)


CLICK TO ENLARGEThe second stop on Troy Denning’s eight-city tour would quite appropriately be Chicago, IL the world famous second city. The Legacy of the Force tour was held at Borders books, which was in Oak Brook just west of the Windy City. The latest novel in the series is Invincible, which just might be another bestseller from Mr. Denning. Once again I would get to adopt one of my favorite alter egos and TD 7306 would serve with members of the Midwest Garrison from the 501st Legion. The tour would draw the attention of not only but I also spotted a team from Star Wars Action News (look for the interview this Monday 5/19/08). The would also be on hand as Jimmy Mac put the “Mac Attack” on during the reading and Q & A feature if any of you would like to hear what was discussed, stay tuned to the next “Forcecast” which I’m told will be up very, very soon. There were three Star Wars websites for one tiny little book signing? I was pretty impressed by that alone.

CLICK TO ENLARGEOur group settled in a bit early, I was forced to plan around construction season, as I’d rather not sit in traffic at four dollars a gallon! The Star Wars presence was huge with Darth Vader, Jango and Boba Fett, a few Stormtroopers, a couple of TIE Pilots and one lone Sandtrooper holding things down for the Empire. The staff at Borders even got in on the action dressed as a Jedi! There were also a couple representatives of the Midwest Base to generate a bit of a Rebel yell within the group too. After going through some exercises in crowd control, the staff actually had to add a few more rows of chairs to seat the large crowd that was settling in.

CLICK TO ENLARGEWith over 65 people on hand, and some even standing, Mr. Denning was escorted in for the event right on time. The Borders staff was quite pleased with the turnout; with one person coming from over 125 miles away I’d over-heard while I was making my rounds. It was great to slap hands and bring some smiles out to the many children who were taken in by the spectacle of Star Wars. The event lasted well past nine o’clock and the crowd had quite a few questions about the last chapter in the series. It was interesting to hear Troy speak about his own personal feelings, at one point saying he related best to the “smuggler” Han Solo, but he did not elaborate on exactly what he was transporting. That was probably a good thing seeing as there were so many Imperials on hand to confiscate whatever contraband he might have thought about moving in our sector! As the questions wrapped up, there was a line that nearly ran outside of the store. While we have learned this week Del Rey will continue to produce novels beyond the Legacy of the Force series. What that future will bring is quite uncertain for sure. For now though, it would be very clear that (even on a Wednesday) Star Wars would always remain Invincible and pack in fans from miles around. The Force is strong indeed! United We Find.

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