November 11-13, 2011
Photos & Report by David (Boba Binks)


TrooperFest II - What is it? A place for members of the mighty 501st Legion and the Rebel Legion to get together as friends and to share the love they have for Star Wars. Patches, patches, patches and more patches. Did I mention that there were patches? Hundreds if not thousands of patches were spread out on many tables for patch trading. Heck there were even room parties for patches. Those things are like candy to some troopers. Besides patches... there was games played, art set up and other displays a plenty. One if not my favorite things on display was something I got to help bring in and set up. It was a full size Taun Taun. He, I mean she was just an amazing piece. It got the old gears in my head turning. Unfortunately she could not come home with me. She really wanted to but I just cannot take care of another pet at this time. Besides, she might scare my dog!

Not only was there lots of mingling amongst the troopers who were there, but this year special guest was none other that the man, Steven J. Sansweet. Whom decided to be there to have fun with all the troopers. There was a nice video / slideshow Sansweet showed us while he narrated what was going on the screen. It ended with the grand opening event at Rancho Obi-Wan. Along with Sansweet's narration there were all kinds of stories he told us throughout the weekend. Hey Seth Green, glad you did not loose the rocket from that Boba Fett in the special display case. By the way if you could tell us, what was it you were trying to fix at Rancho Obi-Wan? Sansweet could not tell us for he was not even sure. You are one of the best Seth! Keep the force alive and coming.

At night there were various activities for the troopers to get involved with. One night they had speed painting and the artist Dave Santia painted several large scale paintings very, very quickly. The main focus was Star Wars but there was also the Godfather, Indiana Jones and the great Christopher Reeve Superman he painted as well. Truly amazing experiences watching Dave paint these works of art. I am thinking of commissioning a piece for myself, yep you guessed it, a Jar Jar Binks. Other than that fun stuff there was some goofing off as troopers do with off time from duty. For the second TrooperFest, I can say it was a lot of fun to have been there. Thank you to all the troopers who did attend. Many new friends were made and looking forward to trooping with you in the future.

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