Report by Chris Spice (Darth Spice)
Photos by Rick Salvagin (JediMCor)
February 12, 2011


The Hasbro presentation kicked off with the great news that the vintage line will continue throughout 2012!  I think it's pretty safe to say most of us have gotten over the horror of seeing prequel figures in vintage packages, in fact, I'd go out on a limb and say there are quite a few that think some of them are better than we thought they could have been. So even though there will not be any change in packaging, we got quite a bit of information regarding both Vintage and Clone Wars lines.  There is no question Hasbro is doing everything they can do build on the success that was achieved with the Star Wars line in 2010. Even though they were all decked out for the Transformers 3 movie, Star Wars would kick off the festivities.

There will be 35 vintage figures in 2011, and no doubt we as collectors look very much for the line to continue.  There are several mixed waves that really do a great job of keeping things fresh and unpredictable.  Some of the highlights that stood out to me were the revamped Rebel Blockade Trooper, Slave Princess Leia, Logray, Captain Fordo, and Bom Vimdin, FINALLY.  I was also extremely impressed with the Expanded Universe offerings of Bastila Shan, Kithaba and Nom Amor. What is equally as neat is seeing the Expanded Universe category added to the Vintage line.

We'll also have twelve chase figures to commemorate Revenge of the Jedi, but if you can' find them one by one, you'll want to be sure to pick up the San Diego Comic-Con exclusive set that will feature two additional mini-figures with Salacious Crumb and the Mouse Droid only being available in the large set. The packaging is huge, and no doubt a pretty cool way to pay tribute to Revenge of the Jedi and I think many will dig deep for the approximate $120 retail they said it would run. There is no doubt the exclusive set will might be easier to track down at Comic-Con this summer vs. hunting the figures one at a time. The Clone Wars line also moves into 2011 with some really cool never made characters, and a variety of new Clone Troopers to bolster your Republic army.  Although I will say our S.C.A.L.P. Red Army Commanderphoenix blew the lid off most of these weeks ago, but still good to see they're official.

The vehicles were a bit limited this year, but they will be doing another RC vehicle to attack your Hailfire Droid from last year.  They say the kids really enjoy the remote control toys, and the Republic Fighter Tank will compliment the previous release quite well. The figures with vehicles were pretty impressive, and I was happy to see the new faces mixed in with old favorites like Boba Fett. However if there was any part of the tour to be under whelmed about, it had to be the vehicles. The Fett & Speeder, Grievous and mini wheel bike, and the Obi-Wan with the mini Attack Shuttle were neat for kids, but where were the larger $25-$30 vehicles? I thought Castas & Speeder and the Clone with Scout Speeder were pretty slick too, but I was looking for something bigger or better.  I guess it would be safe to say they put all their marbles into the Republic Attack Shuttle.

There is no question the Star Wars collecting youth is more spoiled than ever before. What is really nice is the team at Hasbro are looking out for the wallet of the parents too.  They are going to put out a youth scale F/X lightsaber that will come at a cost of only thirty-five dollars. They are exact replicas of the full-size sabers, even down to the detachable blade. There is no doubt all the favorites will be revisited as kids around the world get a taste of the greatest Star Wars role play toys ever.  I could only think of the first vintage lightsaber I had that relied on the power of wind to create the sounds!  As great as we think the 80's were, there are many things of being a fan of today that wouldn't be all that bad. The General Grievous mask is also very appealing, as there is no doubt kids will enjoy that and the many other new helmets.

The exclusives for 2011 were slim pickings in comparison to the previous years. The Death Star set looks quite nice, but you really have to wonder how many new figures will be included since this was just a mock up to show us how it's going to look. The Target two packs are pretty slick too, and the Rebel Transport Speeder will be a welcome site also, but again I have to wonder how cool rehashed / repainted items are. I also have to wonder as a collector if they're worth buying at an inflated price at that. It's also quite strange that they said Commander Lock was available in the Spring, yet being found at retail in February? I think the Prototype armor Boba Fett might be the exclusive that collectors will be looking forward to, as he remains one, if not the most popular Bounty Hunter in the Saga. I wasn't too impressed with the Blu-Ray sets, as they are just another nice wrapper with not a whole lot to offer the collector on the inside. In close it just seemed like the presentation was pretty thin, and the offerings on the floor were even thinner. We understand they have to hold back a few things for Comic-Con, but let's hope they're saving the best of 2011 for then! 

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