June 3-5, 2011
Photos & Story by Nabil Carrillo - Nabil 6901


Hey Star Wars fans Nabil6901 here reporting to you about my experience at Star Wars Weekend 2011. If you love the Star Wars Universe even if it's a little bit then you came to the right place. Here at Disney's Hollywood Studios every year from (May-June) they have Star Wars Weekend. Here you'll see Stormtroopers, Jedi Knights, Sith Knights, 501st Legion, Jedi Younglings in training, they even fight against Darth Vader himself! This year we Star Wars fans have the opportunity to ride the new Star Tours The Adventures Continue attraction. While your waiting in line outside u can see that the attraction is built on the planet Endor (which is seen in ROTJ) & where our furry friends the Ewoks live! You'll also see a life size AT-AT that is amazing! With those 2 things combined you'll feel like you're actually in a Star Wars movie and living in it, and let me tell you it gave me goose bumps just to be outside on Endor with a AT-AT right on top of me while in line and Chewbacca taking pictures with all of us who wanted a picture with him. What more can you ask for right? 

Once you're inside you get to see instantly the new StarSpeeder 1000 with our favorite astro droid R2-D2 on it and C-3PO across from it speaking to R2. Then in the next room you'll see a few other droids, and it feels like you’re in a starship cause of all the lights and sound effects that there is around you! After that you reach the doors to go in to your StarSpeeder and enjoy the ride. You get to experience thrilling adventures and visit your favorite planets like I did. My 1st time I went from being in Vader's presence and being attacked by him with the force (which feels so real cause you feel like your being pulled in with the force) to going to Tatooine and being in the Podrace and racing against Sebulba and all the others, to trying to escape from Boba Fett and going in to the Death Star etc. It was the best 1st experience anyone could've asked for! On my next adventure I escaped from Stormtroopers and went to the snowy Planet of Hoth and almost died 3 times then being attacked and then be attacked again by Boba Fett. Well I don't want to say more then what I already have but all I can say is that Star Tours is awesome! 

Then you have the motorcade where you have the opportunity to see all your favorite character's voice actors and live action film actors and have fun seeing them as well as fans dressed up as Jedi, Sith, Clones etc. it's a lot of fun I can tell you that! Then you have shows like "Behind the Force" with Ashley Eckstein (Ahsoka Tano) as your host where she talks about the excitement of The Clone Wars series and a behind the scenes look at the voice behind Ahsoka Tano. She also talks to the Special Celebrity guest which in this past weekend it was Matt Lanter the man who voice the Chosen One (Anakin Skywalker) also after that you have the thrilling show "Visit to the Maul", with Ray Park who played the Sith lord in Episode I Darth Maul.

You also have 2 different shows hosted by James Arnold Taylor. The first one is Star Wars "Celebrity Talk" which is where you experience the fascinating movie making life of the live movie actors. This weekend was Jeremy Bulloch and Ray Park! Then James hosts another show which is called "Obi-Wan and Beyond" here James takes us on an incredible journey into the unique world of voice acting! He shows over 150 voices that he's done such as Obi-Wan's voice, Plo Koon, Johnny Test, Fred Flinstone etc. Then if you want to meet and get an autograph from your favorite actor or actors then make sure you come bright and early to get a fast pass and meet them.

That was one of the most exciting experiences for me because I got to meet my favorite 2 actors of the entire Clone Wars series. Matt Lanter (Anakin) & James A Taylor (Obi-Wan & Plo Koon). They're very nice, respectful and I even asked them a few questions about how they got their roles and what they enjoy about their characters! It's an experience that you'll never forget! I'm so happy to say that at Star Wars Weekend you'll have tons of fun in that Galaxy that we love far, far away! So there's no reason why you shouldn't go to Star Wars Weekend with your family & friends. I had a blast and I'm hoping to go on Weekend 4,if not well next year, is going to be an even better year because we have The Phantom Menace in 3D,Star Wars Weekend of course! I hope that my experience will convince you to go and have tons of fun because I know I did. Remember: enjoy, have fun and May the Force Be With All Of You. Always!.

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