Boston, MA
November 2005
Story and Photos by Jim Lauzonis (Jimsjedi)


The day started early with the temperature a very nice 30 degrees in the 10:00am hour. The drive is only about twenty minutes from my house, so no complaints at all. When I arrived, the early birds were still trying to buy up everything they could get their hands on, before the vultures (general public) were to be let in. Now the place this event has been held at for the last couple of years (Sheraton Hotel) is a very nice, up scale type place. I just love seeing the faces of the high and mighty when they come across people from the lower tax brackets!

I make my way through the doors and the man in charge of the event John, from greets me as usual. I have known John for a couple of years now, and it's always nice running into him. This event I believe is in it's fourth year, and keeps getting better, along with local news coverage. I make my way through the vendor tables to see how much money I can blow, and the first I see is the new Miniature At-At. This is not small, and for $50 bucks I was really tempted, but passed. I really didn't see to many hard to find items, but maybe those damn early birds got them. I did see some shock troopers, and the Target Clone Troopers, that all seemed reasonably priced. The crowds were just right for the 3+ hours I was there and you could move through just fine. Even though I am not into swords and weapons as most of you are, there were a couple of vendors there with some nice set ups. Is it me or is there just a ton of Gentle Giant Busts out there? A lot of these were very cheap in my eyes, but with Christmas just around the corner I promised my wife I wouldn't blow my money because Santa needs to get gifts for the kids, damn brats, just kidding.

After walking around the various tables that were setup, I decided it was time to see what the celebrities were up to. The first table I was headed to was Jeremy Bulloch (Boba Fett). As soon as he saw my t-shirt of he lit up like a Christmas tree. He said he had a blast at answering all of the questions we through at him recently and wished all of our staff and members a safe and happy holiday season. I must say I have met Jeremy a ton of times over the years, and the guy is a complete gentleman every single time. I wish all celebrities were just like him. Walking along I stumbled across former WWF/WCW Star, Virgil. This guy was here last year as well, and still looks in great shape. I wonder if he will ever get back to the big boys playground again, but who really cares, not me. Sorry, but my personal thoughts. Ted Dibiase was much better. There's the next celebrity, Kevin Sorbo (Hercules). Very nice man, but not that muscular in person, oh well. Next was one of the all time best villains, besides Darth Vader, Richard Kiel. He has played the bad guy most of his movie career, but was very nice to everyone he came across. He has starred in a ton of movies, such as James Bonds films, Jaws, Happy Gilmore, The Longest Yard, and tons of others. Next is: Come and knock on my door, we've been waiting for you, ha, ha.

If you were born in the 1970's then I would hope you know that song belonged to one of the funniest TV shows then. Three's Company. Joyce Dewitt (Janet) was here, and really hasn't aged that much. She looks really good for her age. Next was another roommate. Priscilla Barnes (Terry) was sitting right next to her. She has been in Mallrats, and The Devils Rejects, and still looks great. She has no problem showing her assets off either. On to the host of our favorite Clone Army, Temuera Morrison. He’s a very nice guy and as always very nice to talk to. I actually meet him at CIII, and sat with him while I was volunteering, it was nice to see he remembered me from Indiana. The last personality I actually met was Ian White, who is he, just the 7 foot giant who has switched gears as a basketball star to play The Predator. In the Alien Vs. Predator Movie, every seen of the Predator was Ian, no cg effect anywhere, and he seemed very proud of that fact.

As I made my way through the show for the final time, I was busted by the New England Garrison 501st. I tried to run, but Vader caught me, and was not letting me out of his grip. The 501st was seen better here than I remember from last year, and that's good because the time and detail that goes into each one of the costumes I saw today, deserve to be shown off, and seeing the reaction they get from the kids alone is just great. Makes me want to go out and buy armor now (something to think about).

All in all, I had a great day. Didn't buy too much, which I could of, but had fun as usual at this event. I didn't run into any Sandtroopers today, but got a lot of comments on the T-Shirt and some promises of some new recruits coming to the site soon Can't wait to see who John has here next year, but I wont ask him yet until he gets through this one.

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