Boston Supermegafest, Framingham, MA
November 18, 2006
Story and Photos by: Jim Lauzonis (Jimsjedi)

It's almost Thanksgiving and we haven't had a blizzard here in the Northeast yet, but this past weekend SuperMegaFest blew into town once again at the Framingham, Massachusetts Sheridan Hotel. Many vendors were on hand with their fair share of items from Star Wars to G.I.Joe, along with DVDs and Celebrities in action.

General Calrissian (Billy Dee Williams) was there on Saturday, and the line to see him seemed to never end. From here I had flashbacks to CIII where his line again was never ending. I didn't meet him this time around since I did just a few years ago, but he seemed nice to all that greeted him. It's too bad that he was the only Star wars guest there, since in years past there were at least 2 to 3. This led to having a few of the older wrestlers on hand. Captain Lou Albano and Greg the Hammer Valentine were there and man have they aged. It seems like just yesterday I was watching them on tv. Mr Wonderful Paul Ordoff looks really good for his age and could probably kick my ass.

There were some good deals on stuff including what seemed like Gentle Giant and Sideshow items everywhere. Some of the locals were on hand raising money for charity and both were hits for everyone. The Fanforce guys and the 501st were taking names all over and seemed to have fun doing it. It was a fun day, but hopefully next year some more Star Wars non-convention type names could be added to the bill, along with, hopefully, some current wrestlers. All in all, it was a fun day and, as usual, a great way to spend the weekend.

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