Rancho Cucamonga, CA
May 29, 2010
Story and Photos by Jaing Skirata


On Saturday May 29th, members of the Manda’galaar and Skirata Clan’s invaded the Paul Blaine Public Library's annual Star Wars Day in Rancho Cucamonga, California. The annual event is a Star Wars themed family day which has been celebrated for the past two years with 2010 as the third year it has been in production. The function offers educational activities for children (and adults) to turn reluctant readers to passionate library patrons. One of the activities was a children's contest in which a pair of Ewoks won. However in their age group Holiday Boba Fett won an Honorable Mention and Kom'rk Skirata took home the second place prize. Another popular activity of the day was dunk the gungan where attendees lined up for their chance to try their luck.

Supporters and contributors to the library's Star Wars Day included the Mandalorian Mercs, 501st Legion, Rebel Legion, and the Inland Empire Fan Force.

Throughout the day the mercs posed for photos, signed autographs, and answered questions about Star Wars and Mandalorian costuming. Over $10.00 was donated to the Verd'ika Fund. A big thank you goes to Allen Callaci for inviting the Mandalorian Mercs to the event. We're really excited to hear that we are invited and welcomed back again next year in the battle against illiteracy!

Manda’galaar Clan
Vid Sybot (Alor'ad)
Jono Kreed/MPsy (Ver'alor)
Tyrian Kel (Ruus'alor)
Chow Yun Fett

Skirata Clan
The REEL Mereel Skirata (Alor'ad)
A’den Skirata (Ver'alor)
Holiday Boba Fett
Kom’rk Skirata
Cady Goodson (in her WIP Female Bounty Hunter)

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