Sutton, MA Library
August 1, 2009
Story and Photos by Mike Kearney (DarthWormie)


The sleepy little town of Sutton, Massachusetts found itself invaded by an army of Imperial forces this morning. At the town's public library, members of the 501st New England Garrison were on hand to help the library celebrate "Star Wars Day". Children were encouraged to come dressed as their favorite Star Wars character and participate in the day's festivities. From story telling to arts and crafts and raffles for Star Wars-themed prizes a good time was had by all.

Shortly after arriving with my two kids, we had the good fortune of bumping into Jorge (Chewykingwookiee) and his family. They had already made the rounds and were on their way out but it was still nice to spend a couple of minutes catching up with them. Judging from the size of the smile and the amount of chocolate on his face, I could tell the junior Wookiee enjoyed himself plenty.

No sooner had Jorge and his family left, A rather large but extremely friendly Stormtrooper approached my kids and welcomed them to the library. He even offered my son the chance to hold his blaster for a photo opportunity. While my son was a bit sheepish at first being surrounded by characters that until now he had only seen on his TV screen, my daughter couldn't wait to meet all of the characters, running from one of them to the next. She even blew me away by running up to Darth Vader himself and introducing herself.

After meeting all of the forces of the Empire and an out-of-place and out-numbered Obi-Wan Kenobi, my kids each grabbed a juice box and headed off to the arts and crafts table where they made hand puppets out of lunch bags, pre-cut construction paper, glue and markers. Even dad got into the act by by taking the Chewbacca pieces along with a little bit of creative license and I made myself my very own Jawa puppet.

Soon after all the glue had dried, we made one final pass through the library so the kids could exchange high-fives with each of the troops before departing home with their handmade crafts, some 501st tattoos and a camera full of memories.

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