South Bend, IN
January 21, 2006
Story and Photos by Pat Newell (Jedi Scholar 8)


My mission was to infiltrate a small convention in South Bend, Indiana.  The main goals for the mission were to check out the Star Wars items and other collectibles and to also do some reconnaissance work.  My mission was completed successful with no causulties.

I saddled up the Dewback this morning and headed straight for South Bend, Indiana. Upon arrival in target destination’s vicinity, I stopped off to pick up a few contacts (my Godson and his parents) from the region. Shortly thereafter we were off to the South Bend Comic Book Convention held at the Comfort Suites. Unfortunately, with limited S.C.A.L.P. Intel, I was unaware of what to expect.

The gentleman running the event, Alan, was very polite, and greeted everyone at the door to the conference room where the very small con was held. Alan requested all in attendance to sign up for a mailing list at the door, and then received a free comic book of your choice from a small collection at the table. Though not much in the way of value or desire, it was an extremely nice way to introduce things, especially since admission was free to all!


The biggest downside to this event was the size, or lack thereof. With only 10-12 tables, almost all of which being comics, this mission was an in and out recon. Even worse, was the lack of Star Wars items. Only one item from our beloved hobby was present, and it was the Star Wars Miniatures AT-AT Walker, priced at $75. However, everyone was very friendly, and from what I observed, prices were very reasonable. The toys I did see, mostly Marvel Legends and Japanese toys, were priced to sell.


In all, though it was a very small deal, it was a pleasant experience. This is Alan’s first year running what used to be called the Michiana ComicCon which ran for 23 years. I have a feeling next year’s event will be even bigger and better. A very quick mission for this Trooper, but every mission counts! Be sure to look for any conventions coming to a town near you soon, and make it a point to scout it out for the rest of us!