July 2005
Story by RJP


There wasn’t much “spectacular” about this event. Most of it was footage that we’ve already seen at Celebration 3. However…

There were a few gems amongst the more common Lucasfilm info. Pre-production has started on the new 30-minute 3-D animated series set between Episodes II and III. Due out this Fall this program will feature 3-D animation similar to what we have seen in the Toy Story movies combined with the Asian Anime style we’ve enjoyed in the Clone Wars cartoons. Each 30-minute episode will be a complete story in itself. Work will be done both in Singapore and in Marin County. As a side note, Lucasfilm has announced that they will need over 300 new employees for this little endeavor so anyone interested can take a look at Lucasfilm.com to see what positions need to be filled.

Other interesting tidbits from this discussion were the announcement that Episode III will be released on DVD in the Fall. We were also given a first look at a deleted scene that will be on the DVD in which Bail Organa has a meeting with a young Mon Mothma and other senators to discuss starting the Rebel Alliance. The short film “The Journey” featuring clips from all six films, comments from staff, actors and fans from Celebration III was shown as well.

All in all it was worth sitting through yet another boring Q and A of “Will there be 3 more movies” to get the info on the new cartoon and DVD scenes.