July 2005
Story by RJP


If you were expecting a “Celebration III” type line for the Comic-Con exclusive Holographic Leia, well, you’ve never been to Comic-Con before.

CLICK TO ENLARGEStarWarsShop.com does a great job of getting you through the line fast. Plenty of figures for everyone. That was the good side but to every light side there must be a dark for the Force to be in perfect balance. The dark side happened to be the super ugly inside bubble that held the figure! Pretty Leia all see thru and shiny holding out her delicate figures to hold…. absolutely nothing. It could have been such a nice figure. So what happened?

Well, according to the Hasbro reps Lucasfilm approved of the Leia figure with the guns, but once they saw the completed figure they decided that her holding the guns was not really in the spirit of the whole “holographic” line. So out go the tiny holographic guns in goes what we could only expect from Hasbro, empty bubble space. Not enough time to get a new mold made or a new bubble made in time for Comic-Con.

A better pose more fitting the holographic scene would have been nice. But we probably won’t get one according to the kind people at Hasbro. Also, no more Unleashed figures? Why Hasbro? Hit or miss. Love ’em or hate ‘em.