July 2005
Story & Photos by Donna


The 2005 San Diego Comic Con was held from Thursday, July 14 thru Sunday, July 17 at the Convention Center with Wednesday being Preview Night.  My other half and I attended Wednesday night thru Friday only.

We arrived at the Convention Center around 3:00 p.m. on Wednesday and were allowed to enter to pick up our passes.  Unfortunately, after picking up our passes, we had to wait about 2 hours to enter the exhibit hall.  Once allowed to enter, we headed straight to the Gentle Giant booth to pick up the Early Bird Edition Han Solo Mini Bust and the exclusive Silver Jango Fett Bust-Up.  Next, we headed to the Hasbro booth to pick up the free SW poster, Attacktix fig, and Galactic Hero figs.  Then, on to the LEGO booth to pick up their SW poster.  Finally, we checked out all the display booths showcasing new and upcoming products.  Since I pre-ordered the Holo Leia figures, I decided not to pick them up until Thursday.

Upon arriving on Thursday, we headed to all the booths where we pre-ordered items.  We stopped by the StarWarsShop, Sideshow and Mezco booths.  Sideshow had some really nice SW freebies, probably because of their announcement on taking over the 12” line.  They had these large bags with Vader, Luke and Han printed on it, and also a Vader fan and pewter keychain with Star Wars printed on one side.  Next, we headed to the Spawn, Mattel, and Hot Wheels booths to enter their raffles.  Lastly, we took pics from the numerous booths and of people dressed up in character.  This year it looked like a lot less people dressed up in SW costumes.  Even less Stormtroopers were around to monitor lines.

On Friday, we hit up the same booths as on Thursday that had the raffles.  We took more pics and then headed up to wait in line to catch the forum Star Wars: What’s New, and What’s Coming at Hasbro.  This was the first time we ever attended one of these forums and found it quite interesting.  As we were waiting outside for the forum to start, we met Adam Pawlus from Entertainment Earth.  He had a hand in bringing the EE exclusive clone troopers to light and also in bringing the soon to be released EE exclusive Droid packs.

As to the forum, these were some of the highlights announced:

a)   the remaining 12 new figs past #56

b)   present Unleashed going on hiatus to be replaced by 2” figs

c)   Saga collection for ’06 with black/silver card and rounded bubble

d)   there will be a Commander Cody fig released eventually

e)   many Fall exclusives including Stealth Trooper

f)    separation of the twins figs Obi w/Luke and Bail w/Leia

Because we would have a two hour drive back home, we decided to by-pass the program Lucasfilm Presents: Star Wars Spectacular.  All and all, another great time at Comic Con.

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