July 2005
Story & Photos by Sand Snipe & RJP


Thursday was a pretty easy day for us. Our goal was to get pictures of the Exhibit Hall and of course, get our Holographic Leia figures. After we had taken our pictures we headed for the Star Wars gift shop line. We bought the figures and quickly took them out of the bag to check them out. Upon looking at it I found that there was an extra bubble where it looks like there was supposed to be pistols, but there were no pistols. I figured they used an old Leia bubble and just got cheap. We were ready to find out answers and we would later on.

Friday I knew was going to be our biggest day. We headed toward our first stop... the books.

Star Wars Books: What’s New to Come
They started the whole thing off by promoting the “Star Wars Poster Book,” coming out in October 2005 by Chronicle Books. There will be 350 posters inside and a list of how rare, not price. 2200 posters are listed in the book. What’s the price? $50.00.

By the same company and coming out at the same time, “Star Wars Chronicles: the Prequels," written by Steve Sansweet and Pablo Hidalgo. This book shows photos of a lot of the vehicles and other things like the Wookiee trees. One vehicle, the Spha-t, is shown in all angles (front, back, sides, and underneath). This book seems pretty cool but I don’t know if I want to pay $150.00 for it.

Hyperspace is doing something new; it’s called “What’s the Story?” Every Friday they will pick a character and the fans send in the back-story for this character and the best explanation gets his/her story in the archives. The first week’s character is Pablo Hidalgo’s little cameo in the movie.

Coming out in September is “Dressing the Galaxy.” This is every costume maker's dream book. This shows pictures of many character’s costumes from side views and close ups. There will be a deluxe edition of this book 2500 in all and the first 1000 signed by the author. I know this will be expensive.

“Creating the Galaxy in 365 Days” shows a lot of sets used in the movie and even has sets that weren’t used, for example, the High Council Chambers alternate set. This also comes with a DVD with little clips.

Master Replicas: A Little Unorganized But Interesting
This whole show was a big tease. He starts off by showing off the Elite Obi-Wan Lightsaber prototype. He also explained to us that a two-piece Darth Maul battle damaged lightsaber is coming out. Check out RJP’s breakdown of what is to come from Master Replicas.

Hasbro: Loads of Goodies!
Unleashed has gone mini with the Unleashed battle packs. Each will include four unleashed figs and it will cost $5.00 each. One pack will be Yoda, Aayla Secura, Tarful, and Chewbacca. Others will include a Kashyyyk Clone trooper set, a regular clone set, and a Wookiee set. Other packs will have General Grievous; his pack has not been made yet though. 75% of the whole collection will be troop-building sets.

For the regular Unleashed, there will be no more this year or next year, the Hasbro guy did say there is a 90% chance they will come back later.

The battle packs will include five figures. The gunship clone pack is awesome looking; there will be two or three droid builder packs and an exclusive K-Mart Hoth set will be released. But don’t forget about the Jedi Temple assault pack and the Jedi vs. Sith pack.

Galactic Heroes will have two new key chains to go along with the Yoda, Han and the others; Darth Vader and Darth Tater. Five new packs are coming out, Anakin with the 501st member, Obi-Wan with a clone trooper, Anakin with a clone trooper, Yoda with a Kashyyyk clone trooper and Vader with the Spirit of Palpatine.

Force Battlers will have a new flying Vader and clone trooper figures along with a Palpatine, Yoda and Han Solo in Stormtrooper armor.

Target will have an exclusive super-articulated Stealth Trooper and this looks pretty sweet.

A new Cinematic Darth Vader shall be coming out with a new pose and Ep3 floor.

Attacktix will have 30 new figures coming out and a new booster back will be released having one rare fig one common fig and a couple more in between. They mentioned foil figs which I have no clue what it is, I guess it’s a secret.

The new figures will have black and silver packaging and each wave will be based a battle. Wave one: Battle of Carkoon will feature Leia in her Boushh outfit, Bib Fortuna and Han with a red-faced carbonite, when he was just about to come out of carbonite. Each figure comes with a base with the movie name and the character’s name.

Titanium as you know is exclusive to Wal-Mart and it will be no longer exclusive in 2006.

The new figures coming out this year will be the following: Commander Gree, a Wookiee Commander, another Nemodian Commando, a White Grievous Bodyguard, a Chancellor, the spirits Plo Koon and Aayla Secura and last but not least, the Clone Lieutenants, the 501st figures!

There will also a make your own lightsaber kit, you will be able to make a single or double-sided lightsaber. You pick the design and the color blade, and this thing looks awesome!

Lucas Spectacular: That’s RJP’s Job!
Read the full scoop on the Star Wars Spectacular here.

The breakfast was all right. Mary Franklin talked along with Steve Sansweet and a representative from Hasbro. There was a raffle and we of course lost, but we got a goodie bag out of the whole thing. Following the breakfast we decided that it was time to head on home, and at that point in time we knew the show was finally over.

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We have some additional coverage of the San Diego Comic Con, brought to us by Donna, who is a loyal supporter of Sandtroopers.com.  Be sure to read her write-up and check out all the photos she captured while she attended the show.  Thanks for sharing this with all of us Donna!