June 30, 2009
Story & Photos by Chip Childress SL 9965


On Friday June 26th and 27th, the Imperial Walkers team of the 501st Midwest Garrison attended the McLean County Relay For Life in Bloomington, Illinois. The weather was a little hot but the humidity was low so it was great day/night/day for trooping. The 2009 McLean County Relay for Life was a huge success. It’s the largest Relay in the state and one of the top in the nation. In 2008 the McLean County Relay was one of the top fundraising Relay's in the US with $560,035.00 raised, the goal for 2008 was $580,000. They surpassed it with having raised $602,581.68. 

The Midwest Garrison's Imperial Walkers were able to raise $2,797.14. Our own Barry Benecke (TK523) made the grand club again this year. Individual team members who raise over $1,000 for their team are recognized for their extraordinary effort. The Imperial walkers were a huge hit, as always, posing for pictures with fans of all ages. We helped keep order at the closing of the silent auction & walked laps around the track. There were 157 teams this year and approximately 1,800 registered walkers.

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