Racine, WI
November 12, 2005
Story and Photos by Chris Spice (Darth Spice)


After being dispatched to the city of Racine, Wisconsin, dustrho and I were given the mission of marching with our fellow Midwest Garrison members through the streets of Racine. After maneuvering thru the very botched Illinois Highway Transportation System, dustrho arrived at the War-Room so we could make last minute plans for the journey. After completing yet another Sandtroopers.com cost plus shipping trade we set course for the North. We were both a little curious if the now windy and stormy weather was going to be a factor, as well as hoping it wasn’t a two-man patrol! We parked dustrho’s S.C.A.L.P. four-wheel drive reconnaissance vehicle conveniently right around the corner from Serendipity Gifts, the store where we were supposed to meet the rest of the group.

Our first obstacle consisted of fellow Sith Lord SL585, the good man who would be our Lord Vader, had locked his keys inside of what appeared to be an impenetrable Hyundai! What were we to do without our Dark Lord to lead us through the streets? Trent was working diligently to free his armor from the backseat of his mid-sized sedan, and like a call from the great Emperor himself TK895 (Michael Washko) pulled up in the alley and immediately assured us all “I can get it!” After what seemed like hours to us, he was able to spring open one of the rear doors with the assistance of a coat hanger. Right about this time I looked at dustrho in his first mission and stated, “It’s time to get ready!”

We settled our armor tubs into a somewhat cramped quarters in the back of Serendipity Gifts to get ready to march. The pain in the rear about being a Sandtrooper is you can’t totally get ready all alone, after a little help from fellow members TK7306 was once again ready to roll but this wasn’t my first trip. As I turned around I was proud to see dustrho near suited up solo and ready to go! He and fellow operative Dr. Chaos did a wonderful job of assembling his kit, and while not as dirty, looked pretty amazing. We were in a holding pattern in the back alley for roughly a half hour, which was pretty good so we could meet some of the Garrison and Rebel Legion members that had made the trip. I still can’t get over seeing people in armor, without helmets smoking cigarettes! I don’t know, it just looks humorous for some reason. As last requests for the restroom and glasses of wine were filled by our host, we made was down the alley to head for the parade commencement area, a holding pen if you will.

It was good to see we had such a great turnout. We were near twenty strong walking down that alley, and we also had a huge Ford Excursion custom painted in Stormtrooper. With much regret our photos of this magnificent craft didn’t turn out well, I’m still waiting for a reply from the other members to see if I can get a better visual. It had gotten very cold, and the rain had subsided but there was a hint of a drizzle here and there. I had realized my first mistake of not wearing anything under my dive suit, and truth be told I was a tad uncomfortable. When I looked at the rest of the group, posing for photos, scaring off the girl scouts who were staged near us, there was no way I was going to let something as trivial as the cold stop me from completing my mission, this is what Troopers are: tough. This is what we do: Win.

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