Glendale Heights, IL and Orland Park, IL
April 22, 2006
Story & Photos by Chris Spice (Darth Spice)


It’s getting to be such a beautiful time in the Midwest, spring has sprung and getting around, a Dewback can only be hindered by construction. I set course to Glendale Heights, IL for a comic-shop called Quintessential Comics. The model for the character Quinlan Vos was scheduled to appear to sign in support of the release of Star Wars: Clone Wars Volume 8: The Last Siege, the Final Truth trade paperback that hit a few weeks back. A few members of the Midwest Garrison were on hand, however there were a couple events and Troopers were deployed on either sides of the state. I was greeted by Dark Anakin, Mara Jade and one of the most ferocious TIE Pilots the Midwest Garrison has to offer, as well as our ageless ally Jim from Federation Toys. I was pretty impressed with the Star Wars supply that the store had to offer and the collector in me couldn’t pass up looking through the pegs a bit. You never know when you’ll find a good deal, and while I do have all of the modern age figures, it never hurts to improve the condition of the few you have that you know may not be quite up to par. After taking a look at the International Darth Maul statue, as well as being tempted by the Kotobukiya Snowtrooper, I decided this wasn’t the day to improve my Star Wars collection.

I had a great time visiting with Doug again, and I really do hope we can get a Quinlan Vos figure someday. After picking up a copy of the paperback which compiles much of the back-story of this character, glancing through I’m mystified they couldn’t insert this character into Revenge of the Sith. I also was able to secure the Trooper of the Month prize for Larry Carroll who was voted that honor in the month of March for 2006. I can truly say that poster is one signature away from being an amazing piece to an already great Star Wars collection. Amy Allen will hopefully be at another event someday and the trifecta will be complete. While I packed my battle gear and planned on dressing and staying the entire time of the signing, I had decided to pull double duty and head out for the other event that was going on that afternoon.

After saying my share of goodbyes and getting my route to Orland Park I made way to assist Lord Vader in hunting down a couple of Jedi who escaped the order at a young lad named Jacob’s 9th birthday party. I snapped a few photos of recon, and while we did aim our best we just couldn’t get a bead on the Rebels. All kidding aside, it felt great to give back and help make the party a little more entertaining as they played pin the fur on the Wampa and “Hot Thermal Detonata”. I’d like to thank Jim from Federation Toys for and Doug Wangler for all the help with the Trooper of the Month prize for March. While there was a little bit of distance added to my mission today, the rewards greatly outweighed the disgusting price of fueling S.R.R.V. (Short-Range Recon Vehicle). United We Find!

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