August 3, 2006
Story Chris Spice (Darth Spice)


Speaking of Legacies, Doug, Quinlan Vos is larger than life by securing the top vote in the Fans Choice poll. How did get you so lucky and become the living model for Quinlan Vos?

A friend of mine (Chip Childress) was a huge fan of Jan’s artwork. He immediately noticed the similarities between Quin and I. This was just after Celebration II about three years ago. Chip submitted a photo of me to Jan from my portfolio and she contacted him immediately and asked how to reach me.

Why did Jan Duursema pick you?

Well Chip is pretty much responsible; he was a big fan of her earlier issues before Republic and was astonished how much this character resembled someone he knew for many years. Jan herself said the likeness was uncanny. She asked me to attend Wizard World in Chicago and invited me to the Dark Horse Comics booth to pose in character for an appearance she was doing. I’ll never forget the look on her face as she looked up from her sketchbook. It was like she has seen a ghost. I didn’t realize how big this was until I was literally transformed right there, being painted up with the tribals. Then I was shook when people passed by and mentioned the character by name.

What happened next?

Later that night we ran into some guy named Steve Sansweet at dinner and I was introduced as Jan’s model. That show was such a great time; I really didn’t want it to end. By the time Republic Issue #76 rolled around it had really taken on a life of it’s own.

Doug, how greatly has your life changed since Issue #76?

Seeing the cover of #76 was heavy-duty stuff, I’m not sure if that is what inspired the CIII poster but to see Quinlan Vos and Aayla Secura, I was blown away. The construction of my Sith Armor was started on the road in November in Ohio and I didn’t get to see the finished product until my third appearance at Celebration III. The character had truly been brought to life at the show of all Star Wars shows.

Has this been your greatest experience over the many shows you’ve been a guest at since then?

I was really shocked how many people recognized the character in Indy. While you can’t compare just any event to a Star Wars Celebration, it’s hard to pinpoint and say what was my single greatest experience. It just keeps getting better. Whether it’s San Diego Comic-Con, or a Wizard World event or even finding myself seated next to Ray Park, Orli Shoshon, and others on a Star Wars panel last year at the Chicagoland Entertainment Collectors Expo was a very surreal experience. Some of these are people I was in line for at Celebration II getting an autograph for myself!

How much does the character of Quinlan Vos reflect Doug Wangler? Are you two anything alike?

According to Jan, yes we are very much alike.

How do you feel about the Fans’ Choice figure going to Darth Revan? Do you think Quin deserves to be on the Fans’ Choice card in addition to the two-pack? Its not like Hasbro it’s afraid of rehashing a figure or two.

It’s really just a title and not such a big deal. The number of fans that voted Quin number one means more to me than any packaging or title.

Do you think Quin got the shaft?

Absolutely not, let’s look at the bigger picture. They are saying a two-pack is coming that is good enough for me.

Doug, we’d like to thank you for your time we look forward to seeing you this weekend at Wizard World Chicago and extra special thanks to Jan Duursema for her correspondence in this interview.