Puerto Rico
January 20-21, 2007
Story and Photos by Luis Gonzales (Osito Ewok)


It was last summer when the news first hit the streets. After a two-year absence of any Star Wars celebrities on the island, we would finally have a convention with two of the greatest in Daniel Logan and Ray Park. Our local fan club had quite a bit of anticipation in the weeks leading up to January 20-21st. I personally know the promoters and I’ve been a volunteer and try to help with setting up for the show. After everything was set and even though sleep was the more logical choice, I opted to hang out with a fellow Trooper (Iggy Wan Kenobi) to the late hour of 2 a.m. because I really couldn’t sleep!

With next to no sleep leading in to Saturday I still had the energy to tear the ears off a Gundark. It sure didn’t take long for 11 a.m. to hit and the doors to open. Since I was kind enough to offer some of my time, the promoters returned the favor by allowing me to use the “back door” so I could avoid what was a pretty decent line. It wasn’t quarter past the hour before I had three autographs. I purchased one from Ray but I had to get two from Daniel as I wanted him to sign my Fett jersey!

Then all the costume players began to appear. It’s really incredible to walk the same place more than 20 times and consistently see a different one. There were so many. From Star Wars, Bleach, Robotech to Ghostbusters. You name it, chances are the film was well represented. The merchandise was a bit retro like most shows like this. After being an avid collector in the area for years I’ve gotten to know and become friends with quite a few of them. After that Ray Park took the stage for a Q & A session, and he even took the time to show off some of his moves. Our Puerto Rican version of Darth Maul (Javier Bonet) as well as a young child dressed as Vader, who in the end struck down Lord Maul with his own version of “Force Lightning”. After that wrapped up there was a costume contest for both children and adults followed by the costume players being allowed to the stage to re-enact some skits. This was the format of the show for both days.

Daniel Logan is a good time. He is a good spirit that likes to joke but in the same breath very kind and funny. Ray is also very kind and within minutes you feel like you’re hanging out with an old friend, not Darth Maul. They both really enjoyed the show because you could be more personable unlike the big money making cons that have you get your autograph and within minutes you’re “moving along”. I managed to pick up a few more things even though I almost forgot because I was having such a great time with friends. My only non-autograph buy at the con was the Trueno (Toyota Corolla) from Initial D with Takomi action figure. I was so happy; I only paid $10 for an item that sells for $30 or better. I'm not cheating at Star Wars; I just didn’t find anything at the right price, perhaps next time and I will make it a point to do so! United We Find.

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