March 26-27, 2011
Story & Photos by:  Josh "The Josh" Long


It's that time of the year again for many of us. The time has come to get our focus on going to many of the spring and summer conventions, and setting up battle plans for how to attack these events. I love going to Planet Comic-Con in Overland Park, KS because it is nice to get out and get good and ready for when I go to San Diego in July. So needless to say I was all set to get to the show and take a look around. The guests this year included three names Star Wars fans should be very familiar with. Tom Kane, Daniel Logan, and Jeremy Bulloch, all would be in attendance this year. However, the only one I was able to actually get a chance to meet was Mr. Kane as everyone else was not at the show during my time there. The other guests included Alaina Huffman, Michael McMillian (True Blood), and Lindsay Wagner. 

This years show was missing a couple of the key booths that I've seen in years past. That's too bad because I wanted to see if I could get a good deal on a high-end item from Sideshow or Hot Toys. One booth that I always look forward to that has a ton of vintage figures from various lines sadly this booth was also missing this year. So I would say from a collectibles aspect this years show was missing a few vendors. Now, if you're like me and are also into art prints the show this year took a step up on that aspect of collecting. I would say a good three quarters of the floor was artists and seeing their work was more than impressive. This was an area I was able to pick something up and add to my collection when I ran into Cat Staggs, who has worked on many of the Topps sets with sketch and art cards. I grabbed a Darth Talon print for twenty dollars and she was even cool enough to sign it for me. To sum it all up, I enjoyed my time at Planet Comic-Con again this year. It's a really nice fun event that helps me get ready for convention season. I do hope next year when this event rolls around we will see more booths back with collectibles, and perhaps the Battle Station will return? Needless to say it was nice to get back on the road, and thanks to the crew at Planet Comic-Con for being great hosts! United We Find.

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