April 2, 2009
Story by Josh Long (The Josh)


This past weekend this trooper took the patrol to the Kansas City area. I decided I'd take a peek at what's going on at an event called Planet Comic Con. It's a much smaller event than when I make my yearly trip to San Diego Comic Con. Having gone last year though I had an idea of what to expect.

The guest list was quite small but they did manage to grab a couple of Sci-Fi folks from some rather famous shows or movies. Erin Gray and Herbert Jefferson Jr. were there from Battle Star Galactica. Guests from other areas where there with a couple of former playmates and random comic book authors. 

Star Wars was represented by a couple of people willing to sign autographs at this event. The first was Tome Kane who was there for the second straight year. Mr. Kane is the voice of Yoda in the new Clone Wars series. However, the big name at the show was Mr. Peter Mayhew a.k.a. Chewbacca himself signed autographs and took pictures with the fans. 

Product wise the show was mostly comics even more so than last year which I was a bit disappointed with. Not that this is a bad thing but this trooper was more curious to see if he could find a deal on something he jus couldn't live without. Again, with all the vintage stuff they had I was tempted but with so many items coming out I had to leave before I broke the bank. 

Unlike last year I was surprised at how few of the higher end items I saw at Planet Comic Con. Sideshow Collectibles was really the only company I saw represented at the show this year. I saw several of the 1:6th items ranging from the new Stormtrooper to past releases like Qui-Gon. Medicom and Hot Toys was represented with their Indiana Jones (Medicom) and Joker (Hot Toys). I did see the Thor Premium Format which was very cool and a massive piece. I also saw a the new Mystique Premium Format which was probably item that tempted me the most.

Overall, the show was a nice tune up for me as I get ready for this year's San Diego Comic-Con. It was much smaller event but it was so much fun seeing some stuff I've never seen before, and I got a chance to take my Dad with me. So the event really was a nice chance to hang out with him. It has me ready to go for July when we bring some of biggest news to hit the internet all year.

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