Chicago, IL
January 30, 2005
Story by Chris Spice (Darth Spice)

With only a few more weeks remaining for the One Man Star Wars Show, we decided to take up the Midwest Garrison on their invite to attend the show. I was a little apprehensive about taking time to view this, seeing as I have a two-boy Star Wars show nearly every day of my life! I saddled my Dewback and set course for the Windy City. The Apollo is a small theater and I always have felt a smaller venue for any kind of live event is more beneficial. To top that off there is a bar, and you can bring your drinks inside! Mos Eisley has nothing on this place. Charlie Ross will be taking this event to the grandest stage of them all this spring but I thought it would be nice to get a sneak preview. With so many people, and only four days, fans may want to budget their time wisely. However, I think if you don’t attend this show you would really be missing out.

How does Charlie pack over seven hours of film in to just short of an hour? That Troops, is truly entertaining. I was expecting so much less than what I received. It is no mystery why Lucasfilm picked up this show for the fans at Celebration III. Mr. Ross is explosive, I didn’t expect the degree of physical comedy that the show entailed. Charlie really throws himself into his work. Only die-hard Star Wars fans could truly appreciate this show. If you only saw one movie from the Trilogy, I could see where you might not be so entertained. For people like us, who live and love these movies, it is quite an experience. With a nearly sold out crowd, Charlie had the entire crowd laughing out loud and hysterically in some cases. I had an interesting aisle seat where I could see around the whole theatre, I could easily observe the entire crowd enjoying the show.

I did manage to get some time to speak with Charlie and ask him just a few questions about the show.

Spice: How did you come across putting this act together?

Charlie Ross: Well I lived in Prince George, which is far up north. Closer to Hoth than Tattooine, that sort of climate. Growing up where I did, I watched the show because I had it recorded off of TV. I just watched it over and over, I think my Mom stopped counting at like 474 times. I know I’ve seen it many times after, but watching it you just kind of absorb something. I was an actor just getting whatever work I could. I was sick of working for other people and the only way out of it is to make your own stuff. Now I can’t say I’ve created Star Wars but I’ve created my own version of the show. The way I remembered the show. So I guess it came from watching the show so much, and then as an actor trying to adapt it from seven hours to fifty-eight minutes. It was myself and my director TJ, luckily both of us know the show really well. We were both actors and playwrights as well, so we took whatever skills we had going for ourselves and added it to our love for Star Wars. I was really worried at the beginning because I didn’t think I could get a big enough fan base for it, but I can tell you I’ve never been so happy to be wrong. The fans I’ve met have been so great, just a huge out-pouring of support.

Spice: How long have you been doing this?

Charlie Ross: Three years. Again, I can’t tell you how great the experience has been to perform for the fans.

Spice: How much are you looking forward to CIII and the sea of nerdom that will engulf the entire Indianapolis area?

Charlie: Oh man it’s so great because I belong there. When I say the sea of nerdom it’s not derogatory or anything. I’m a part of it, to know that I get to be there and do the show. It made the show for that audience.

Spice: Are you going to look to implement any changes for this appearance? What I noticed at this show here at the Apollo is it was sort of nice being at a small venue. I can only imagine what the crowd would be like in Indiana but I just wonder would they pick up on some of your facial expressions or mannerisms the way I did.

Charlie: They’ll have big screens and camera work, they are very good at picking up on things like that, so don’t worry. I do like the small theater, I can see people so much clearer. The neat thing about the large crowd is a different energy all together. The laughter rolls and rolls.

Spice: I didn’t expect the show to be as physical. Have you ever had injuries while performing?

Charlie Ross: Oh, yeah. Happens all the time. I’ve injured my wrist on several occasions.

Spice: Are you just a little bit nervous about the larger crowds?

Charlie Ross: Just the opposite, I’m really looking forward to it.

Spice: I heard tonight you do a One Man Lord of the Rings show as well, which I’m going to try to get down and catch, but are there any plans to do a One Man Star Wars Prequel show?

Charlie Ross: Yes! We hope to add this down the line. With the final installment, it will all be possible.

Spice: Where else besides Chicago and Celebration III could Sandtroopers be able to catch a one man Star Wars Show?

Charlie Ross: They can visit my website where there is a shows index menu. I have four more here in Chicago and two in Canada before the appearance in Indiana.

Spice: Well thank you Mr. Ross for your time, I’d also like to thank the Midwest Garrison members Kathy Van Beuningen and John Duffy for the invite as well. We can’t wait to see you in a few months at Celebration III.


Overall a very great time. If we share the same love for Star Wars, I am pretty sure you’ll have a great time. However I was really taken by what Charlie said to the audience after a standing ovation. I did not record it but it was something very close to this:

Follow your dreams. There is nothing you cannot attain with ambition and hard work. There is nothing that is not within your grasp as long as you persevere and work hard every day.

Hopefully I can apply this profound knowledge to my treadmill and remove this excess armor Darth Spice has picked up this winter! United We Find Troops, until next time.

You can learn more about Charlie Ross' show, The One Man Star Wars Trilogy, by visiting his website at