January 29th, 2011
Story & Photos by Walt "Phenix" Crowley


Alrighty, finally a REAL convention down here in the swamp! This is Louisiana's first real taste of a convention of this magnitude. While I was a little late to the party, I did walk in to find all kinds of people in and out of costume and everyone seemed to be having a blast as the smiles were on everyone's face.

There were tons of comic artists lined the back of the convention area with a lot of kids and parents checking out all the awesome artwork as well as original art pieces and lots of free swag for the kids both grown and young to take home with them. The autograph lines were packed especially for Batman and Robin, Daniel Logan, and Ray Park, who was still signing when the doors were closed for the night.

Special thanks to Ray and Daniel for signing the pink Pauldron to be auctioned off this year for Breast Cancer Awareness. Daniel Logan did a sweet sketch of Boba and they couldn't have been more sincere when asked to donate their signature, two great brothers right there!

The 501st Legion's Bast Alpha Garrison had a "Shoot the Trooper" game for kids of all ages with 100 percent of the proceeds going to a child with serious health issues. By the end of the day the total raised was $1,415.00 and man is that awesome or what?

Many different fan groups were there to show support for this first time New Orleans convention. The space was huge, clean and easy to move through and it wasn't like that all day though. The first report I received was that it was super packed and crazy when the doors finally opened. It looked like a lot of people were from out of state and a large sum of locals were there to make this the best turn out for any convention that I've seen here in the last five years.

New Orleans has so much to do and see and with the doors finally closing at 7pm, the party was just getting started on Bourbon Street. Lot's of people were flooding the streets and you could see some residents were in awe and you could tell that they had no clue what was going on. Day two is only hours away and I promise my fellow Dirty Troopers at Sandtroopers.com that the coverage will be much better and I'll even attempt to get some videos as well.

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