Museum of Science & Industry, Chicago, IL
February 4, 2006
Story and Photos by Chris Spice (Darth Spice)
Additional Photos by Jason D. Myers, Ret. (Dead Hero)


If you grew up in what could be known as the golden age of video gaming chances are you would really enjoy the latest exhibit that is being featured at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, IL. Game On is an exhibit of video games going all the way back to relics such as the original Pong, Pac Man, Space Invaders, Dig Dug and many of the all-time favorites that many Troopers around the world pumped a lifetime of quarters into at places like Aladdin’s Castle. The Midwest Garrison was on call to do what they do best, attract attention!

While I was not on the active roster for this mission, I packed my “Smoketrooper” gear in the event of too many last minute no-shows. I had some unexpected company with this tour of duty, our old friend Sandtrooper Jason (currently under the handle of Dead Hero) accompanied me on this mission to the Windy city to help me capture surveillance photos of the poor clueless civilians that needed some influence or an old Jedi mind trick if you will, to steer them into the new video game exhibit. The Garrison had a slew of Star Wars characters on hand; there was no shortage of Troopers for the Battlefront exhibit. Darth Vader, Anakin, Stormtroopers, Biker Scouts, TIE Pilots, many Stormtroopers and several other characters were spread out all over the main entrance hall and the sea of flashbulbs erupted. It was really enjoyable to not be in costume and sit the bench, watching the people come up debating, fighting, too embarrassed, whatever the case may have been, finally take the picture! Museum employees, adults, teen-agers and even a small platoon of Boy Scouts received instruction on what to do when you have a Jawa dead center in the scope!

It was a complete success, while I didn’t take the time to go in and play all the games I would have liked, I did see many people in there having the time of their life. Back in a time where twenty five cents could actually get you something. Much like Star Wars collecting, video games are a very big part of our childhood. I could never imagine while I was playing Defender, it would be in a museum someday. After they stood in line to get photos with their favorite Star Wars characters, the museum-goers made way for the promise land of Game On. I would highly encourage any Trooper in the area to make way for the Windy City and take part in modern video game history it is your destiny! would like to thank the Midwest Garrison and the kind people at MSI for clearance and providing such great hospitality. We were honored to be your guests. I look forward to making it to the active roster in a couple of weeks, but I can’t decide what I’m looking forward to doing more. Playing games or playing TD7306? I hope some of you great Troopers will come out and join me! United We Find.

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