October 17, 2010
Story & Photos by: Phyllis Schulte a.k.a. Schph Gochi


$6,767.01! As of this writing, that figure is the total amount of donations that our Making Strides Against Breast Cancer team recorded. We had no big sponsors, backers, or funds matching. This was literally a dollar by dollar effort. The effort started in ernest at Wizard World with a raffle and proceeds from the target range events. My thanks to those who assisted us in that effort. We also had two donation station efforts in Algonquin and Mokena. Again, my thanks to all who participated. I had some successes with my armbands for donation, the raffle of home canned jams and produce at the Master Gardener Pot Luck and the Jedi Costume raffle. To put the icing on the cake, Rob Hamilton and Janine Jender launched a highly successful patch sale. My thanks go out to all who beat up their families, friends and co-workers for donations. Thanks also to those who crawled out of bed early on Sunday morning and showed up to walk with remarkable enthusiasm. I would also like to thank all of our grizzled veterans and the awesome new members and recruits that came. I think that the American Cancer Society said it best when they asked us to lead the walk as it stepped off. It was indeed a great honor. My deepest and most sincere thanks to all of our participants!

Thomas Turner - IC 4913 
Jim Tampa SL 1020 
Neil Auer -TK3446 
Gehrig Auer - Jawa 
Cheryl Whitaker TB/TI 3127 
Aimee Jorgensen TB/DZ 0101 
Darcy Jorgensen - Jedi 
Steve Szyndrowski TK/ID3052 
Jody McQuarters TK/DZ 6443 
Kyle Dorethy - TI 4982 
Rudy Grasha BH/TK 3620 
Rob Hamilton TD 8310 
Jim Norman TK 8114 
Andrew Marsh TI 2079 
Mark Van Slyke TB 8063 
Kevin Glass - New recruit 
Kris M Krajewski SL/TS 1950 
Ted O'Sullivan - SL0943 
Phyllis Schulte - TK/ID 1951 
Rick Devine TK-6712 
Paul Bregola -Friend of the Garrison - Royal Guard 
Valentine Chavez-Gonzalez - Jedi 
Dylan Van Horn - Jedi 
Marlyn Ciesla - RFT 
Janine Jender - Jedi 
Robert Hamilton - X-Wing Pilot 
Chris Schwarz - TB 9442 
Adrianne Bean - TK 4541 
Candy Bregola - Tie Pilot 
Jordon Bregola......Jawa 
Ashley McClintock - ERS

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