May 18-20, 2012
Story & Photos by Darth Spice


The best thing about attending a convention over and over again is having several other experiences to compare them to. Even though I missed the Motor City Comic-Con last year, there were simply too many reasons to make the 300 plus mile journey to the suburbs of Detroit. Even though we wouldn't be exhibiting the Battle Station at this event there were many Star Wars guests on hand. You could couple that in with the amazing display the Great Lakes Garrison usually has, and a fairly decent sized room full of vendors if you were looking to fill holes in your Star Wars collection.

I met up with forum member James Stewart (darthdad67) and spent a good part of early Friday afternoon looking for that one item you just have to have, or would kick yourself if you'd missed! There were some very high prices on any figure that you would want, it amazes me how greedy a person could be. Why would anyone pay $65 for a Darth Malgus figure when it just came out? It was a little more than strange to find only one Gammorean Guard and not one Wedge Antilles figure. We also enjoyed some minor league wrestling that was on display and the induction of Corey Dee Williams and Stephen Costantino into the Rebel Legion. You could see both were very surprised, yet happy to see such appreciation from the fans.

On Saturday morning I decided to get the few items I wanted autographed taken care of before the big crowd descended upon the Suburban Collectors Showplace. I headed back to the table of Sam Witwer and to my surprise he wanted me to snap a few shots of an amazing Planet of the Apes Stormtrooper for him! Afterwards I had my infamous "dirty shirt" autographed by Sam Witwer, Deep Roy (Droopy McCool) and Stephen Costantino (Gammorean Guard). I already had Felix Silla, Rena Owen, Billy and Corey Dee Williams from other conventions, but I really enjoyed visit with each. Rena had a really cool European Taun We figure, Felix had a new book and Billy and Corey Dee are the coolest Father and son in the Star Wars saga and galaxy! In any case they had a really cool guest list if you were a Star Wars fan. I really enjoyed my time with all of them.

The attendance on Saturday was busier than any other previous Motor City show I attended. In fact when I got back from lunch I was told people were walking from over a mile to get to the show! Once you got inside there were tons of cool costumes to look at if you weren't looking to blow a ton of money with the vendors or artists. While the vendors didn't have as much vintage product as I'd have liked, there's no doubt I could have dropped hundreds, if not thousands in the artist area. With the talents of Joe Corroney, Jay Shimko, Matt Busch, and many others that would have been very easy.

We spent Sunday in panels with Sam Witwer and later that day a Return of the Jedi panel with Billy and Corey Dee Williams and Steven Costantino. I asked Sam if Starkiller was portrayed a little too strong with the Force seeing as he could rip a Star Destroyer out of the sky and Luke could barely pull his lightsaber into his hand on Hoth. To be simple about it, he said that his abilities were "amped up", as was pretty much everything else in both installments of the video game. The making of Return of the Jedi panel was much more informative, and I really enjoyed watching Billy Dee embarrass his son! It's great to hear behind the scene stories but also see the ever apparent strong bond between father and son. It was too bad a wrestling match was going on, it didn't really take away from the panel but certainly deterred me from recording. Overall I had an incredible time at Motor City Comic-Con and if you ever get the chance to attend there's no question it continues to grow and get better each and every year. We're looking forward to a return next year, and hopefully we'll be bringing a full-scale invasion! United We Find.

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Interview with Sam Witwer
Interview with artist Jay Shimko

Highlights from the Convention Floor (Saturday)