Bloomington Sheraton, MN
July 10, 2006
Story and Photos by gran3131


The Dewback was saddled up this weekend for a science fiction, fantasy, horror and gaming convention known as Convergence. Convergence is a yearly convention located in Minnesota at the Bloomington Sheraton. This event is for all ages with a plethora of activities to for take in. Some of the more popular activities that the Con goers participated in were the Masquerade, Cinema Rex, and room parties. The room parties are put on by individual groups and are theme based. A group known as the Minnesota force had a room entitled the Hoth beach party. This room was decorated with a Hoth theme mixed with some beach décor. One of the most interesting items was a power droid dressed as a hula girl. The room was also home to a few Star Wars costumes.

The masquerade offered a ton of well done costumes ranging from Batman to Zombies. This whole show had a lot of Star Trek fans in costume and the convention even had special guests that acted in the Star Trek movies. As noted above a few Star Wars costumes were to be found. Some of the more notable costumes were three outstanding Jedi Uniforms. The Jedi in the grey uniform happens to be one of our own forum members Hamsalad. A lot of hard work and detail went into these costumes and they were very extraordinary to say the least. Each Jedi came equipped with their own Master Replica Fx light sabers and two of them, Hamsalad included, could wield the blade quite well. Let me tell you when the Jedi ignited their sabers they commanded the attention of the all guests in the surrounding areas. Of course an event with Star Wars costumes would not be complete with out one or two Boba Fett costumes and trooper armor. In the period of time that I was at the event only two troopers were to be found, however, rumor had it that a couple late arrivals were seen during the late hours of the night. Within the guest of the Hoth beach party a very striking Darth Maul costume was to be found. Also with in the mix was an X-wing pilot. There were a few more Star Wars costumes that I saw walking around, but the place was crowded and there never was a specific area that everyone went to for photos. I would have liked to see a few more costumes, however it seemed that some of the Minnesota force members stayed true to the theme of their party as they were dressed in your beach attire and left their costumes at home.

The dealer’s room offered pretty much the same toys as the last couple conventions in the area. A lot of the latest figures were to be found, including the new unleashed figures. Along with the new unleashed figures there was also an abundance of old unleashed figures that were all in pretty good condition. To my surprise a dealer that I have not seen before was there and she offered some products from Sideshow Collectables. These products included some Highlander twelve inch figures and the recently released 12 inch Anakin Skywalker figure from the Order of the Jedi Line. The most amazing thing about this ladies booth was the prices. Each Anakin figure was only $48 dollars. This is below retail and is a great price at a show in which these types of figures are going to be very scarce. Also in the dealers room was a vendor selling autographs. There were even signed photos of Mark Hamill and Ewan McGregor that cost around $50 a piece. I was not able to find that one gem hidden in a dark corner, but none the less it is always nice to see a vast mixture of Star Wars products.

I had a good time at Convergence and from the looks of it the many con goers had an absolute blast. Again this is a yearly event and if you are upset you missed out this year just make sure you are better pre-pared to attend next year. For more information regarding this event please click here. United we find troopers!

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