Minnesota State Fairgrounds, MN
May 7, 2006
Story and Photos by gran3131


Well troopers, I was able to saddle up the Dewback today for a mission at the Northland Toy and Doll Antique Show located on the Minnesota State Fairgrounds. Today, only a single Dewback rode into town as my fellow patrol partner Hothchad had more important obligations. I was able to meet up with fellow trooper and Minnesota collector Hamsalad as he had a booth at the show, in which he had some great deals on a wide variety of figures. The main attraction at his booth was an abundance of 12 inch figures, including, two Qui-Gons, a Gammorean Guard, Dooku, etc, etc. Next to Hamsalad’s booth were two other dealers that had a big selection of Star Wars, Marvel and some other action figures. Although the convention did not seem to be as busy as Microcon was last weekend, it still looked like a lot of stuff sold and both the dealers and customers left happy.

I would have to say for me the main attraction of this event was the plethora of vintage Star Wars items ranging from carded figures, to loose figures and beyond. One of the nicest looking items at the show was a carded Return of the Jedi Luke Sky Walker and a carded Imperial Tie Fighter Pilot. In addition, there was a couple boxed vintage play sets including the Battle of Hoth imperial Attack base. One dealer even had two separate dioramas of loose vintage figures that were stunning to look at. I also got to see a couple vintage twelve inch figures, such as the Rancor and Stormtrooper. Also for sale was an original Empire Strikes Back movie poster that was in great condition. Another interesting item worth mentioning was an old Star Wars lunch box that looked like it was used plenty in its day.

This show offered about seven dealers that sold Star Wars items of all types. I was able to talk to five of these dealers and had a good time conversing with them. If it was not for a few summer plans tying up all of my extra finances I would have liked to buy one of the vintage carded figures or even a couple AOTC figures that were for sale.

In addition, to the Star Wars items this show had a huge variety of antique toys. There were a lot of people walking around and it looked like everyone really enjoyed themselves.

Even though I was not able to find that one gem hiding under a few boxes that we all dream of I had an absolute blast at this event. Once again I had a great time talking to fellow trooper Hamsalad and owe him many thanks as he was able to get me in with out having to pay the admission fee. United we Find.

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