Hey Troopers! We have devoted a Staff section of our experiences here over the weekend of April 2nd, 2005. As a group positioned all over the U.S., we hope to give you a little from every area to see how Midnight Madness played out nation wide. So far the Lava Vader hasn’t boiled over into the same controversy as the Toy Fair fiasco of 2002. From everything I have read, if you got yourself in line early in the morning it wasn’t a difficult thing to get your hands on. The Holographic Yoda was hit and miss and in low numbers but readily available online and will be out there on the 10th. From the looks of things the “exclusives” will be meeting the challenge of supply and demand. So relax people, take your time and pick them off one by one. Leave things out there to hunt down. I’m sure they made plenty this time around too. For an individual report from a Staff member click on one of the links below.