Minnesota State Fairgrounds
April 30, 2006
Story & Photos from Hothchad & Gran3131


Today I attended the Microcon comic show at the state fairgrounds. With the wet rainy weather, it was a perfect day for this show and I was able to meet up with Gran3131 and Hamsalad. There was a nice mixture of stuff at the show. My main aim was the Star Wars action figure sales in which I was able to find a Clone Wars Jedi Army 3 pack for $15, not too bad of a price. There was a lot more star wars stuff then I was expecting which was nice to see. The show offered some very surprising items, such as the FAO Imperial Shuttle, which ended up going for $180, and an Episode 1 Fambaa that was priced at around $60. There was a nice selection of POTF2 through the present day and I mean present day, UGH figures, Target Grievous, and the Skirmish in the Senate Battle Pack. I seen more of the UGH figures there today then I have in the stores. Most of the stuff was indeed going for show prices. We did see some of the higher end statues, which Gran will go into more detail since he has a little more knowledge in that area. I definitely did see a lot of items that I wanted and needed, but wasn't ready to pay what such high prices for the stuff. All in all today was great day.

Well troopers the Dewbacks were out in full force today as troopers Hothchad, Hamsalad and I attended Microcon, one of Minnesota’s largest comic conventions. Located on the State Fair grounds in the Progress center Microcon was a decent size event with a very good crowd turnout. Comic books were to be found everywhere and were given out free to the first 500 attendees. There was also a large amount of both Star Wars and Marvel action figures, as well as some video game figures from Halo and Final Fantasy. As Chad has mentioned there were some very surprising figures, such as both versions of the Clone Wars arc trooper. However, a lot of the figures showed some damage and prices were not set to match such condition. One great thing about this show was that there was a ton of boxed vehicles and some were hard to find items, such as the FAO Imperial Shuttle, AOTC gunship and even a POTF2 AT-AT.

In much smaller numbers then the action figures were some high end items. Present at the show were all of the regular editions of Sideshows Star Wars Premium Format line, as well as the 12 inch Order of the Jedi regular edition Luke. To my surprise this same dealer was also selling a couple Sideshow Weta Lord of The Rings statues. One of which was the brand new Legolas and Gimli on Arod. This statue looks sweet and it is actually one LOTR piece that I would like to acquire. It was great to see some of these amazing pieces at a convention in Minnesota. It would have been nice if at least one of the Premium Format figures was on display to give the crowd an idea of how huge these statues are and how much detail goes in them. The only downside of the high end items at the show was the prices were way too high and to be honest unrealistic. The new Gentle Giant Luke on Tauntaun and Darth Maul statues were also to be found at a couple different booths, the statues were accompanied by the easy to find 2nd editions of the Yoda and Darth Vader mini busts. A few of the dealers were also selling some marvel and Final Fantasy statues, which looked really cool.

I must say I really had a great time today. Even though I did not buy anything it was great to see so many Star Wars items and it looked like a lot of folks were able to acquire a few things they needed. Moreover, and most importantly, it was yet another great day of spending time with the fellow troopers and talking about our great hobby. United We Find.

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