Novemeber 22-23, 2008
Story & Photos by Laura Goodrum


Planes, Trains, and Automobiles: 
This Dewback Patrol took me further afield than I have been before with a trip all the way to Birmingham for my first ever visit to the Memorabilia show. After a 1-hour car journey, a 3-hour bus ride and another hour on the train Jaask and I finally arrived at the NEC Exhibition centre. Having never been to this centre before I was completely shocked at how big it was, it took about half an hour just to walk thru to the hall where the con was being held which was only one of over 20 halls!

When we finally arrived we joined the rather large line to buy our entry tickets, which cost about $15 each, a bit overpriced from my point of view. Upon entering it was obvious that this is probably one of the largest UK events in terms of the number of dealers and stalls. The entire hall was filled with literally hundred of them carrying everything from Star Wars to Beanie Babies. I personally didn't buy much only really one thing, which was an AOTC Yoda bust I have been after for ages and at $220 I didn't have much money left to get anything else!

Some of the special exhibits included an NCsoft area where visitors were able to try out their PC title City of Heroes as well as other games in the NCsoft range including Guild Wars Lineage II. The first 2,000 visitors to arrive at the show were also given a free copy of the City of Villains Collector's Edition box, which included a poster, an art collection book, and all seven custom-made City of Heroes and City of Villains HeroClix figures. This area was very popular and busy all thru the day. Also continuing the gaming theme there was a large Dark box room in the middle of the hall where gamers (over 18) could go in and try out the new Horror Sci-Fi game Dead Space. At the back of the hall there was a small arena set up for a Robot Wars live exhibit where every hour they put on a show with a variety of fighting robots, the human style ones just fell over all the time but it was good fun anyway. There was also a big space style bouncy caste and face painting for the kiddies.

In terms of special guests this event had a large list including guests from TV, Film, Sports and the Media. Since it was a 45 years of a TIMELORD theme at this event there were a lot of Dr Who guests although not really anyone of particular interest. Bond girl Honor Blackman, Narina Star William Moseley, Bionic Woman Lindsay Wagner and the Fonz a.k.a. Henry Winkler were among the other guests. As far as star wars went there were only 3 guests, Jeremy Bulloch, Ken Colley a.k.a. Captain Piett and Warwick Davies. Jamie and I both took the chance to meet Warwick and as we were standing in line we saw him doing some free special autograph cards for the kids, which was a really nice touch. Anyway we got our autographs and photos and had a nice chat with him and he's just as nice as I thought he would be.

Finally it was time too begin the mammoth journey home, we only spent around 3 hours at this event but we had a really good time and saw everything we wanted to. It was a really good turn out and people seemed to be buying a lot so maybe the poor economy at the moment isn't affecting collectors as much as some people think.

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