Orlando, FL
February 26, 2006
Story by Nick Niebling (nniebling)


Nniebling reporting in from Orlando, Florida, back from my mission to collect intel on Mega Con. The mission started off a little rocky but ended on a decent note. Upon arriving Ctakacs and I had I bit of trouble getting past the guards but after speaking with Beth, public relations for Mega Con, were granted access on to the floor.

We started off looking through the vendors. Here it seemed hit or miss when it came to Star Wars items, but mostly miss. There wasn’t anything all too special. Most of the Star Wars items there were the latest figures and unfortunately most were over priced. Most of the vendors were anime, which isn’t my cup of tea but if you like it there was plenty to go around.

There weren’t many corporate booths and what was there were spread out in between the vendors. While there were many listed on the official website as being signed to the event, not one of the toy or collectible companies were there (Hasbro, Toy Biz, Gentle Giant, Master Replicas, etc). Marvel and DC were both no shows at the event, as well as Diamond Distributors. There was, however, a small selection of comic artists, writers, and inkers there. All seemed nice and willing to sign anything and talk to you. No Star Wars characters were there signing, at least not on Saturday.

For me the highlight on the show was the 501st booth, where they had many prop replicas on display as well as some helmets and masks. The 501st also had a panel talking about do-it-yourself costume and prop building and was put on very well. If you were ever planning on making your own costume, this discussion and how-to were very informative.

In conclusion, the show had its up and downs and ended up in the middle. Again, if you like anime then this would have been a great show, but if you like Star Wars at a fair price then it was just alright.

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