Bloomington, MN
March 5, 2006
Story and Photos by Anthony Grand (gran3131)


Well, I saddled up the old dewback for what was to be my first mission. It was called MarsCon that was located in Bloomington, Minnesota, and it is a yearly Sci-Fi/fantasy convention. While the Star Wars presence was not huge there were a couple of vendors who had a few star wars items. In addition, there was one vendor who actually had quite a bit of star wars items ranging from the new Saga collection to the Power of the Force series. He also had some unique items including a set of still sealed lithographs from Episode I: The Phantom Menace, that looked to be very interesting and of good quality, and also what I believe to be a European edition 12 inch Luke Skywalker.

A couple of the most interesting products that I ran into today were a vintage ROTJ carded figure, and a 12 inch Dagobah Luke with Yoda. I was only able to get to the event today and was disappointed to hear that yesterday there was a masquerade and a few Star Wars costumes were on hand. If you are a person that is interested in Star Wars miniatures or Attacktix you would have been happy at this convention. There was at least three vendors selling these items and they even had what looked to be a game room.

The convention also had a very cool science/NASA type room. There were a lot of replica models of space ships, and there was even a 1:1 scale replica of the Mars land rover. The best thing about this room was a space shuttle simulation in which you could sit down and test your hand at landing a space ship. This whole exhibit was great and a lot of fun.

All in all I had an absolute blast. The best thing about the whole convention was that I met a couple fellow collectors, and I really enjoyed talking to them for over an hour about our great hobby of Star Wars collecting. I was not sure what to expect from the convention since there was not supposed to be much of Star Wars presence. However, in the little time I was there I had a great time, saw some cool star wars items, and met a couple new friends. United we Find Troopers.

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