February 20, 2010
Story by PJ Rendel a.k.a. Jaing Skirata


On Saturday 2-20-10, Mercs from Manda'galaar Aliit (The LA area clan) and Skirata Aliit (the Eastern Riverside and San Bernardino Counties clan) invaded Frank and Son Collectible Show's Annual Star Wars Day. Frank and Son is a year round indoor collectible mart in Southern California. Toys, posters, comics, card games, pictures and posters galore! Every year they host their annual Star Wars Day where they welcome costumers from all the area's major costuming groups, and just fans as well, to come in full costume for the joy of the fans.

The Mandalorian Mercs, 501st, Rebel Legion and LA Saber groups were there as fans all about. Special Guests in attendance were Daniel Logan and Ray Park posing for photos and signing autographs. After the event, some of us went to Joe's Crabshack with Daniel to celebrate The REEL Mereel Skirata's 22nd birthday.

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