April 2009
Story and Photos by Luis Gonzales (Osito Ewok)



Hello there! (As General Kenobi once said)

Here is fellow Sandtrooper Luis Gonzalez (Sergeant Angeloco a.k.a. Osito Ewok) reporting from Puerto Rico, my planet of origin. I belong to a local club, the Club de Coleccionistas de Figuras de Accion de Puerto Rico, Inc., C.F.A.P.R. for short, Action Figure Collector Club of Puerto Rico, Inc. in basic. We reunite once a month in Luis Munoz Rivera National Park and sometimes we do dioramas with our action figures, well not everybody in the club collect Star Wars, but the true fans in the club do our best to impress our fellow enthusiasts. Maybe you remember our outdoor diorama of the Battle of Endor,  well we just finished a Battle of Geonosis diorama, here are many photos for you Troopers to enjoy.

This diorama was created by Jorge Centeno, Carlos Silva, Glen Valladares, and yours truly.

We have a group in facebook, if you want to know more about us, please join.

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