July 18, 2010
Story & Photos by Laura Goodrum (Taurs)


Hey Troops, its been a while since I reported in, but me and the boyfriend managed to make it out to one of the bigger U.K. events this weekend to bring you coverage of London Film and Comic-Con.

We arrived at 7am and joined the line waiting for early entry. By opening time the line had circled the building and the car park and when the doors opened there was a mad rush to get inside. Headlining the convention was William Shatner (Captain James T. Kirk), being the only Star Trek captain I hadn't met getting his autograph was first on my agenda. Other guests included Mike Tyson, Edi Gathegi and Tyson Houseman (Twilight), Kristianna Loken (Terminator 3), Sean Young (Blade Runner) and for Star Wars Kenny Baker (R2-D2), Dave Prowse (Vader), Ken Colley (Admiral Piett), and many more.

I got my William Shatner autographs and shortly after attended a photo shoot with him, it was all very rushed and his security people were very touchy but it was still great to get the chance to meet him. I also got Daniel Logan's autograph and just after we saw him take Kenny Bakers wheelchair and rode around in it for ages doing wheelies!

We attended a free Dr. Who talk with some minor characters from the show, which was pretty boring. This was followed by an Empire Strikes Back talk with associate producers Gary Kurtz, Robert Watts and Jim Bloom. It was actually quite interesting they talked about everything from their feelings about further changes/ adding more CGI into the original movies (which none of them like the idea of) to Princess Leia's hairstyle.

Shortly afterwards there was a 'Fett' talk on the main stage being given by Jeremy Bulloch and Daniel Logan. This was by fair the best talk, the two actors seemed to get on really well and the whole thing was very funny and lighthearted. They held a sort of Boba impression competition with members of the audience giving a signed photo to the winner.

We browsed around the usual dealers tables and Matt bought a replica Dagger. There was a big DC Comics area with life-size models of Batman and Superman and a full size Batmobile. There was just time for one last autograph before we left so we got Elizabeth Sladen (Dr. Who, Sarah Jane Adventures) since we are both massive Dr Who fans we got it dedicated to both of us.

Overall it was a good convention despite the lack of one major guest, I was a bit upset that Jonathon Frakes cancelled at the last minute. Even so we had a good time.

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