July 18, 2009
Story & Photo Edit by Laura Goodrum (Taurs)
Photos by: Jamie Eccleston (Jaask)


One of the biggest U.K. conventions of the year is going on this weekend in Earls Court, London. Jamie (Jaask) and I were there today to bring you a report on all the goings on. For the first time ever we decided to attend this convention in costume so at 6 am this morning we donned our Jedi Robes and made our way to the convention centre, receiving some odd looks from people on the train!

When we arrived we joined the massive line for the early entry, there must have been about 1000 people there already and when the doors opened at 9 am it was a mad rush to get in. As usual we headed straight to the autograph area and picked up virtual tickets for Scott Bakula (Archer, Star Trek) and Tom Baker (Dr Who) so that we would be able to get them later in the day. Both Jamie and me were very excited to meet Jake Lloyd (Anakin Episode 1) who was signing alongside his mother Lisa Lloyd. We managed to get a photo with him as well. I also met Dominic Keating from Enterprise and Peter Mayhew a.k.a. Chewbacca and Jamie met Mark Ryan (Bumblebee) and a couple other Star Wars guests who attended included Kenny Baker and David Prowse.

Eventually we got around to exploring the rest of the hall. There was a small display of original movie props and a customized 1970's Camaro as seen in the Transformers movies and a Carbug from Red Dwarf Back to Earth. There was an artist area, a gaming area with all sorts of retro and modern games, a cosplay area and of course a lot of vendor stalls.

We attended two free talks the first of which was a Star Trek one held my Dominic Keating and Jacob Kogan who was the young Spock in the new Star trek film. They held a question and answer session, which was quite interesting, sharing some of their memories and experiences. We also attended a Doctor Who talk with Tom Baker, which was a lot of fun. He worked the audience really well making everyone laugh a lot and keeping us entertained for the full half hour.

Finally after waiting most of the day my number finally came up for Scott Bakula so I could join the line. He was in such high demand all day that he wasn't allowing photos or dedicating the autographs but I didn't mind much. I got to shake his hand and have a very brief chat and came away with my autograph feeling very happy. Jamie visited Tom Baker for his final autograph of the day.

We attended the Cosplay Maquerade competition, only as spectators this time. There were some really great costumes and some er...not so great ones too. It was a fun show to watch with some of the acts doing dances and various other odd things. After this people started to leave and the convention began to wrap up for the day. 

Being in costume was definitely a strange experience for us. It was cool because we got some nice compliments and people asking to have photos taken with us. However after spending almost 10 hours in full Jedi robes on a hot summer day we were starting to feel the effects, it was time to make a move and head home. We had a great day and met some awesome celebrities. Every year London Film and Comic Con gets bigger and better and I can't wait to see what the future holds for it.

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